todays schedule oh todays schedule (i am singing it like todays special)

3 a.m.
hear a restless cough from the crib (i swear every noise wakes me up!)... baby keeps sleeping. (in fact, he went to bed at 6p.m. b/c he only took 1 hour and 45 minutes worth of naps yesterday at daycare.)
5 a.m.
giggling, squealing.
5:20 a.m.
coughing, fussing. dogs start running around the house begging to eat their breakfast. (COLLARS JINGLING AT TOP VOLUME i might add.)
5:30 a.m.
drag self to crib; baby smiles delightedly! comes to bed with us. snuggle up. ahhhh!
5:45 a.m.
FINE! i will make you a bottle!
5:50 a.m.
6 ounces downed. time to go back to bed for all of us!
7:00 a.m.
alarm. cripes. how is it 7? i have to be at work at 8.
7:12 a.m.
cripes. is that karl in the shower? how did i fall asleep again? (my face is right up next to those chubby cheeks.)
7:30 a.m.
i am up, i am dressed, my makeup is on. (er, well, ish.) today is going to be a jeans day! (again, cripes!)
7:35 a.m.
time for some baby B-a-n-a-n-a-n-a-n-a-SSSS. the baby loves them. nom nom nom.
7:45 a.m.
there is rushing. bottles and extra clothes thrown into diaper bag. coat and hat for baby. carseat. car warming. granola bars grabbed. (but not eaten.)
8:00 a.m. (please note this is the time i should be at work this morning.)
pick baby up from high chair to transfer to carseat. wait, what is that? ANOTHER DIAPER EXPLOSION! WOO HOO!! (i promise they really don't happen often but when they do they are at the most inopportune times!)
8:45 a.m.
finally arrive at work. email says 'downloading 1 of 49 emails'. ARGH!! get them out of my inbox!

also, i would like to note: no matter how early i get up, step 7:45 a.m. happens EVERY morning. ha!


sdhorton said...

I know the feeling. Lately I have been turning the monitor down after I have gotten up with him the first time so I am not awkened by those little noises. Our routine goes pretty well most days but I am usually still running late. Mainly because I try to spend every second I can with him in the morning before work.

Maria said...

You have mama ears. That's why you can't sleep. I could hear The Boy in another room with the door closed. A lot of days I still can. I also struggle with the "Why can't I get out of bed" affliction due to some chubby cheeks. LOL!

Hugs and hopefully fewer explosions! :)

melissa said...

cripes made me laugh. i say it every now and again myself. i don't have a baby, and i still can't get out of bed in the morning. god help me when i procreate.

Sarah said...

the collar jingle in the morning may be the most annoying noise i've ever heard in my life.

you forgot to add the part about having to chill me out about the bloat at around 7am. ha! just what you needed.

The Brockintons said...

I love you Kat you make me laugh. Everything you said is so very true. Having a 13 year old 3 year old and a 4 week old. It is so very crazy but I love it. I just dont know what I am going to do when I have to come back to work.

Miss you see you soon

brooke knight said...

man, i must really be doing something wrong because i have that 7:45 step (at 7, but same thing) every day too and i don;t have a kid! oops.

Anonymous said...

I'm dying to know how you got from 7:12 (waking up) to 7:30 (fully-dressed with make-up) in 18 minutes?! That's impressive! I need to wear less make-up. Or maybe less clothes? Gah! How do you do it? I'm just like you and Brooke with the 7:45 moment every day, regardless of what time I get up.

Lauren R