shirtless sunday.

long silences. a bath or two. (one with the babe; one without.) sick husband. girls night. discussions about peeing in the shower (no. no. no. n-o!) (i know; we are very mature.) discussions about which babysitters club characters we might be. (yea, i know. i am kristy.) much laughter. a tear or two. oh, and those baby giggles.

feeling much better all around.

also, watched the movie 'outsourcing' - touching, entertaining, and real. rent it.

shirtless superbowl sunday 2009.

superbowl marks my anniversary of moving to arkansas.

five years.

yep. ca-razy.


Sarah said...

love that last shot.

Aubrey said...

LOVE the pics of Nater Tot! He is getting so darn big!

P.S. Peeing in the shower actually kills the grunge that causes athlete's foot. I'm not saying I do it, I'm just saying.

P.P.S. I too am a Kristy. I always wanted to be Mary Ann or Dawn, but I was waaaay too bossy-britches.

Maria said...

LOL! You're wearing a shirt... and uggs with shorts. LOL!

nater tater tot is adorable.

melissa said...

HA. HA. HA. those pictures are so cute!

just call me mallory. i've learned to accept it.

sdhorton said...

We have not done the bath together thing yet. I don't know how productive that would be for me. He might like me being in there with him though.

Jennifer said...

Love these pics!!

I could also be a Kristy although I wanna be Stacey without the whole diabetes thing, cool?

Jennifer said...

ohhhh also it made me real happy that we were both like Brooke is soooooooooooo Claudia and then you threw in "yeah except for the whole Asian thing."

Anonymous said...

naters is a wild man!

alove :)

Megan said...

kitty kat--i know i never comment, but i read this quite a bit so i guess i should post more often. anyhow, the pictures of nate are super cute. i've been a mary-anne since day one. she was such a baby, much like myself.

Megan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
brooke knight said...

five years! cheese and rice!

Chandle said...

the last picture is the best. He looks too cute. I always wanted to be Claudia but I think I'm more like Dawn. There needs to be a good quiz about that online.

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