blah. blog. blah. work. blah.

dear blog, please forgive my brief hiatus.

i have been busy. i have had people (wonderful, fabulous friends) in town. i have been tired. i have been thinking. i have been ordering a new battery for my computer. i have been reading my junk mail in the inbox - pottery barn, fred flare, ideal bite... stuff i normally glance at has been getting thorough click-thrus this week. i have been ETSY obsessed and even ordered a few prints for my walls. i have been reading my google reader subscriptions, and OBSESSING about mint.com. (it keeps a budget for you -automatic - and estimates your net worth. thank you, mint.com, for making me feel less stressed about my financial situation. no, really, it did. it's pretty amazing. i kept reading reviews about it, but i thought i could NEVER give up my Excel budget spreadsheets! but, mint, yea, i think i just might! i kind of love you, mint.com.) i have been working. i have (in a burst of MEMEME) have done normal ME things like make a dentist appointment and an eye appointment. i have booked a vacation for ME and karl.

all of these are semi-valid EXCUSES, right?

alright, fine, i have been avoiding you BLOG. i admit it. and i am not sorry. i have been completely uninspired to write anything in the last couple of weeks. it takes committment to write a decent post. AND. AND i feel fat. (i don't often complain about this b/c i generally have a pretty great body image, but JESUS, i kind of understand why some mamas put on some weight/feel frumpy. in the words of jessie spano THERE IS NO TIME. THERE'S NEVER ANY TIME. mom guilt is a dangerious thing. must. work. out. because. I NEED IT TO MAKE ME FEEL HEALTHY & HAPPY not b/c i need to fit in a size 0 please and thank you.) nate has been driving me bananas - he is STARVING all the time, he wants so terribly to crawl and is on the verge, but for now it is just fussing b/c he can't get from here to there fast enough. my sister is in town to see us and watch him this week b/c daycare is on spring break (cue image of nate and my sister on a party barge floating down the arkansas river, hipster PBR in hand (bottle? surely nate should drink beer out of a big boy sippy not a baby bottle, right?) (and why does daycare get to take a spring break and NOT ME!?)

here is how the week has been so far:
mon: happy. play. walk. eat. sleep. kiss kiss.
tues: repeat.
wed: repeat.
thurs: my sister's 25 year old immune system takes a direct hit from the baby. vomiting ensues. (that is where we are right now. she is in recovery. ish. i think the smell of the burgers karl made for dinner sent her back over the edge.)

and, in other news, i heard McDonald's in introducing a Cadbury Egg flavored McFlurry. Can anyone validate this rumor? I kind of want one. (hm. how many miles would i have to run to neutralize a mcflurry? i'm going to go with six. maybe seven.)


Lauryl Lane said...

honestly, i admire your fortitude. in an attempt to refrain from blogging when i am in a bad mood (which seems to be more often than not of late), i am primarily sticking to picture posts and the random things we do from time to time which probably bore people to tears. but in my mind, it's better than using my blog to vent. at least right now. venting doesn't help me, it just makes me more upset. anyway. i am sorry your sister is throwing up and i'm sorry you are having a tough week. i obviously haven't seen you lately, but i cannot imagine you ever being anywhere NEAR "fat." you'd have to gain about a hundred pounds for that to happen. so. if that cadburry's business is true, i want a mcflurry right now. tata.

Jennifer said...

I've done some research into the Cadberry egg flavored McFlurry and I am sad to say that from what I can find it looks like it will only be available in the UK. BOOOOOO!

brooke knight said...

poor jen! that totally blows.

sdhorton said...

I want to know your secret to finding time to work out becuase I haven't been able to. I have stayed pretty small from genetics, and being busy not having a lot of time to eat and having to be active a lot. But I do enjoy how much better I feel when I work out regularly. Once Nate starts crawling you will have new stress of what is he getting into and why is he following me all the time?

Unknown said...

Yes, sadly the Cadbury McFlurry is a UK thing: http://www.seriouseats.com/2009/03/the-cadbury-creme-egg-mcflurry-at-british-mcd.html.

Elizabeth Spann said...

Let's make one at home, yes?

I miss you, friend!

Sarah said...

oh good post, even if slightly stressed. i have not been committed enough to my blog for a while. for goodness sake, i've been working on my labor blog for three weeks. it takes time to get a good post out there.

where are you and karl going on vaycay?

my baby is currently drunk of her milk and sleeping. i give myself two hours tops to lay low. i should probably be sleeping.

glad your sissy was here. sorry she fell ill! ew.