WBW on Thursday? THE HORROR.

since i missed Way Back Wednesday, but do intend to participate in the future, here is a semi-way back kind of picture of me and my hubby. Christmas 2005, shortly after we were married. St. Louis with my parents and family.

today he:
fed nate a bottle at 3 a.m.
shared his breakfast shake with me.
took out the trash.
worked all day (and is currently working.)
made dinner. (side dish: one handful of nacho cheese doritos. yow!)
went for a run.
talked to me on the phone the whole six block walk to the dentist office b/c i was nervous.

i am sure there is more, but i didn't want to be too moey-goey on my first WBW post.

i am finding some great shots of olden days to scan in for future humps days.


Natalie and Matt Dill said...

About this March Madness party...you were there too Kat, just laughing & mingling with everyone like it was nothing out of the normal.
Maybe we can pull one off sometime when Matt & I are back in Tulsa, just dont forget Nate & his sippy cup/mug/bottle/whatchamacallit!

melissa said...

um, cute. you guys look cutie patootie. i hope your sister gets to feeling better. love love.

p.s. don't feel guilty, mama; you are doing the best job imaginable. xo

jax said...


You're a rockstar. In case you were wondering.

Stacia said...

cute cute cute...the hubby is a keeper, a bottle at 3 a.m. AND the trash, yep a keeper!
WBW is great whenever you get to it =)