it's a mini karl

sunday sweets cominatcha.


Jax said...

Aw! He's such a happy baby! :) I heart him! :) I also look forward to Sunday pics. Keep em coming! :)

Lauryl Lane said...


melissa said...

he is quite karl-esque. he's still cute, though. he he he. xo

Jennifer said...

Can't wait to see that little smiler this weekend!

Stacia said...

and how! Precious!

sdhorton said...

CUTE! It's weird that his hair looks red on the pictures but not so much in real life...hmm? I think mine is going to be a mini me of his daddy as well. I guess most boys are to a certain extent. By the way, I went ahead and purchased the Sunshine Kids Radian 80 online tonight. My reasons: it's not as bulky and therefore should fit better in my accord, very safe (steel frame), highest weight limit available, not as pricey as the highest priced Britax. Also, I have a friend that has one and she really likes her's. Just my two sense for what it's worth. When I get it I will let you know how it works for us. (sorry for the long random comment!)

The Smiths said...

you should make a cute variation of "this book belongs to Nate" labels. gift givers can put a little note on them telling their fav. part of the book and who it's from. that way Nate will always know who the books are from. i did this for a baby shower once and it turned out great. happy spring!

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