another weekend past, another work week started.

i am happy that spring is here (to stay!) and that summer is to follow. i close my eyeballs and see nate in the park, nate in the pool, nate at the zoo, nate here and there and everywhere. karl and i walked to the Chic-Fil-A with Nate in the Bob Revolution. Best. Stroller. Ever. That makes two three mile plus walks in the past two days thankyouverymuch. Maybe one of these days I will take it up to a jog. Probably I should just sign up for a 5 or 10K. possible motivation, right?

i have decided on a theme for Nate's first birthday party... some of you know... maybe I mentioned it on the blog... i have no idea who i tell anything to anymore! anyway, theme thoughts: bookworms, bugs, and bumblebees. i am going for a park party with lots of little bugs... AND LOTS OF DELICIOUS DIRT CAKE...books only as gifts. yes, no, stupid? he just doesn't really NEED anything. and books are cheap and fun. what do you think?


Sarah said...

first, i love-love-love the picture you posted.

second, books are the best present ever! i might steal that idea sometime!!!

Jennifer said...

such a cute birthday party theme. can never have too many books.. and dirt cake is the best!

Aubrey said...

Love the b'day theme! That is awesome.

Off to make a dirt cake now. The baby NEEDS it, obviously. :)

Leah Billings said...

That sounds like a splendid party idea! Dirt cake is so fun to make...and fun to eat too.

sdhorton said...

cute idea. I know what you mean. Nash has everything too. He loves books as well. I think we are doing a "birthday prince" theme. I am a little nervous about all the presents he will get and what to do with them all. I am hoping he will get some stuff to play with outside for the warm weather.

Ang said...

Books are a great idea!! Aimlsey gets so many toys and we have nowhere to put them!! She loves books and I have always bought tons of them, so I say go for it. He will appreciate them when he is older.

melissa said...

books?!? BOOKS?!? gross.

he he he. ;) good idea, mama. i shall bring my very favoritest book of all time for nater bug to have.

well, i'll bring a copy.


Lauryl Lane said...

books are the best. dirt cake is yummy. i wanna go to nate's bday party!!! fuuuuuunnnnn.

Elizabeth Spann said...

Can Nate read Harry Potter yet? No? Yay for awesome birthday idea! I can't believe it's coming up so quickly. My, how they grow.

Miss you!!

megan mcniff said...

i think books only for the gifts is a fantastic idea!!! and who doesn't love dirt cake??? i can't believe he's almost one!

Anonymous said...

love LOVE that idea. children's books are the best.

oh, and love the picture too. cute angle.

-lauren r

Jax said...

CUTEST pic! Cutest! :) I love the bday theme! Nate is gonna see pics later and be like.. "I had so many girls fawning all over me.." haha!

melissa said...

um, how did you get nater's face to show up next to the www? that is the most awesome thing i have ever seen!

The Smiths said...

you should make a cute variation of "this book belongs to Nate" label with a place for gift givers to write a note or their favorite part of the book. i did this for a baby shower once and it turned out great. happy spring!

Susan said...

I love themed parties. That sounds great. And, call Wendy if you need a cake. She's awesome. More Wye Mountain pics please.

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