what is there to do in arkansas?

Email between my sister and i.

(as follows)



These are the things I want to do while in Arkansas:
- Make Nate Walk (crawling is acceptable, but slightly disappointing)
- Go to the Restaurant with Ranch/Red Pepper Dressing
- Make a Paper Machee Volcano
- Have a Jimmie's Sandwich
- Go to a bar one night (you are required to go out one night. no choice)
- Get a Tan
- Meet Bill Clinton
- Catch Fireflies (do you know that we don't have those here?!)
You're turn for suggestions.


- Play a drinking game whilst watching the 5 o clock news based on the # of ya'lls stated.
- Read a book. (DEAR day!!)
- Watch ANTM and Biggest Loser TOGETHER (not in real time, mind you.)
- Cook you pasta. And make you mashed potatoes.
- Force you to lose repeatedly in silly games like teeth-tapping and leg-swing-over and push-you-down. (these are the official names).

The Paper Mach Volcano project sounds amazing. who wants IN? tia? tamera?

one fun fact about me and my sister: we're both from the midwest. she lives north. her friends call her a southerner. i live south. my friends call me a yankee.


it JUST sounds so uncool.

(but i promise it's great.)

(i mean, i know nelly.)


melissa said...

now that everybody knows, i ain't never gonna let you goooooooooo.

if you arrange a bill clinton meeting, please call me. :)

Anonymous said...

A guy from St. Louis came into our office yesterday. As I was taking his 800 dental radiographs, I enjoyed telling him I know a girl who went to Cor Jesu (he and his friends dated Cor Jesu girls - tramps) and I have eaten at Emo's. He LOVED this! He felt strongly about the interminable battle between thick and thin crust lovers.

Susan said...

You know how to leg "rassel"? Awesome. I had no idea. Next time we're together, it's on like Donkey Kong! You're going down!