and don't forget to give me back my black tshirt

Nothing too blog worthy as of late.

  • Tuesday I had two big ole glasses of wine before I hit up the dreaded Babies R Us for some baby shower pressies. I still left pissed off and not with what i wanted. (talk about a buzz kill.) (yep, i just said BUZZ KILL.) strike 4,000 devil store. you are out! (have i told you the story about trying to find a specific bottle at BRU (the adiri stage 2 natural nurser please and thank you) when nate was some odd age and going through a growth spurt where he wanted to nurse ALL THE TIME and i had to find him this specific bottle so i could leave the house once or twice and BRU had the brand but not the specific bottle - like 30 stage 1 bottles, 30 stage 3 bottles BUT not a SINGLE stage 2. and the poor guy that worked there checked in the back and told me they didn't have any and i burst into tears. right then and there. in front of him. (poor guy.) (special thanks, jenny, for overnighting me one from the Tulsa BRU.) (OR OR the time that i called and asked them if they had replacement pump parts and they said OH YES OF COURSE WE DO DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT ORDERING THEM ONLINE. so i went and did they have the replacement part i needed? N-O they did not.) (OR OR the time i wanted to buy a BLUE bumbo but they only had like 40 pink bumbos. because they "onlystockonecoloratatimeit's reallyweird" (flip ponytail, chew gum) according to a ca-razy lady employee. also, apparently only pink or blue b/c god forbid we have anything colored neutrally.) (OR OR OR the time when an employee assumed i was pregnant when i was, in fact, NOT and shopping off a registry. "you two.. or should i say three...can follow me" (giggle). (our friend melissa was with us so she actually said "you three.. or should i say four can follow me". whatever - details. point is: OF ALL PLACES BABIES R US should not assume pregnancy unless a woman is having contractions in their aisles. even then it might be risky.)
  • WOW. Sorry bout that. Sadly, I have had several other encounters with the dreaded baby superstore that are unworthy of your time but have left the sourest of sour grapes taste in my mouth. (LIKE THE TIME when they had shelves and shelves of formula but not a single can of nates except one beat down broken up can that probably shouldn't have been put out. ENFAMIL. the most common formula brand ever. and not even on sale.) (oops. there i go again.)
  • in other news, a window got shot out at work. yep, SHOT out. no worries, though, it was just a bee bee gun. probably a Red Rider. and it only shattered the floor to ceiling window. no big deal.
  • My friend Brooke who is 40 plus weeks pregnant and expecting her first baby (boy or girl?!!?) any day now posted this on April Fools Day and I totallly fell for it. Don't joke with the lady who had a crazy birth - she will believe you! I was all "she had surprise twins? AWESOME" and everyone else was all "yea right." i mean, how cool would surprise twins be!?!? like oops, there is one more in there!
  • There is this dude i work with who wants to start a website about LR nightlife establishments. his name is phil. he wants to give it "two phils up" or "two phils down." (ex: green beer at big whiskeys? TWO PHILS UP! jello wrestling at gusanos? TWO PHILS UP! bar full of men? TWO PHILS DOWN! last cigarette? TWO PHILS DOWN!)
  • We had our weekly ANTM (america's next top model) night last night. what. a. great. episode. that show continues to get WORSE AND WORSE and somehow i love it MORE AND MORE.
that is all. good day, sir. i said good day.


Sarah said...

I DVR ANTM so that i can have something to keep me awake during late night feedings. it works because those bitches are crazy.

ben folds five.

sdhorton said...

I didn't know the extent to the bad experiences you at Babies R Us. I had like one or two but nothing like that. And don't feel too bad, Brooke TOTALLY got me too.

Maria said...

I hate hate HATE Babies R Us, yet I always end up there getting registry gifts. I should have gone to PBK. Lesson learned. No more BRU! EVER!

Jennifer said...

I could never understand your hatred of babies r us until we started going there on regular basis. Jeez they are terrible. I would love for a competitor to open up. ughhhh

Lauryl Lane said...

God I love that song. Give me my money back, you bitch!!! ;)

I haven't been in BRU since I was a young'in, when I need baby-gifts these days I go to a boutique just because I am anti-mega-store. But now I'm scared of BRU, too, so thanks for that. ;) Surely there are other local stores that carry the needed baby products? Or does BRU have the baby-product-monopoly? See, that's why I hate mega-stores. Oh, and thanks for the photo-love. Wish I could photograph little Nater for you.

the day's said...

i lurve you....seriously i do. when you have time for another lunch date call me, and i'll tell you how i scammed them out of two hundred bucks. i promise it will make you SO happy!!

Aubrey said...

"Two Aubreys Up" on this post, friend! You make me giggle. :)

Megan said...

Window shot out!! That's would've scared the s$i* outta me! Which window, I mean where was it located? I'm not happy to hear that one can have bad experiences at BRU. Should we register there?

Chandle said...

Allison from antm is davies old student! Root for her

Nanna said...

I can relate to your frustration! I still remember when KMART was the only place in town to get reasonably priced baby stuff. I pushed my empty cart through the check out once just to show them that they had NOTHING in stock that was on my list. Enfamil formula, Huggies diapers and Gerber Rice Cereal. And, yes the cashier wanted to know, like, well do you have anything else to ring up?? No, like I want to scream and make you give me free diapers forever if and when you get any!! Only option was Albertson which was three times the price, but at least they had some. Maybe you could try Diapers.com and have they shipped? Or, send Karl. Love you guys.

Susan said...

What? That's crazy talk. Which window? During business hours?
AND, I meant to put this in the below comment section, but forgot. Want to do the Toadsuck 5K? First weekend in May. I'm planning on it!

nicole said...

I once won an ABPG/ANTM office pool. The season the doe-eyed, raven-haired girl named Nicole won. I have since tried to organize an ANTM office pool at other places of work, and there have been no takers. They SURE do like their NCAA tourney brackets 'round here, though...

Oh, and Little Man looks great in his cap. xo.

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