shirtless and sloppy headed

still don't have a whole lot to say, but here are some sunday sweets of little naterade. he's been such a sweet little thing all weekend. sleeping well, playing well, eating well. he follewed me into the kitchen this morning (for the record, it's still more of an army crawl than anything else but he is getting around just fine!) and i picked him up and his whole shirt was COVERED in dog hair. it was disgusting. the dogs have been inside for two days b/c it has been raining for two days and thier hair 'blends' in the kitchen floor. good thing we have nate to point out how NASTY it is. there is no carpet (other than rugs) in our house and the dogs are in PRIME shedding season, so it's a challenge, but it's clean now. temporarily.

roxy and arlo also like to hang out around his high chair - patiently - until he drops some finger food in their direction. best. cleanup. idea. ever.

surgery went well this morning and the road to recovery has been ventured down. change is hanging out in the air.

9 months, 3 weeks, 3 days.


Jax said...

Nate=adorable per usual! Keep the pics coming-I look forward to Sunday Sweets! :) He's gotten so animated-you can really see his little personality shining through! I love it! :) And glad surgery went well. Stairs are NO.JOKE. Trust me, I know. I'm sure her doc will tell her, but make sure she takes a calcium + vitamin D supplement or those little calcium chocolate chews (they're decent til you've eaten like 30 of them in a week). There's no hard core proof that it'll speed up healing, but someone (aka me) is back in heels and recovering quite nicely and I attribute it to chalking the bod full of calcium and vitamin D. Bones are no joke. Ick. Wishing her a speedy recovery and good thoughts. :)

Sarah said...

love the 1981 high chair; especially love that it is not big and plastic!

nater number 2 is my favorite for today.

he still seems to change so much from time to time!

glad the weekend was swell with the exception of your mother-in-laws hospital venture.

The Smiths said...

I am a firm believer that boys are to be shirtless and sloppy headed 92% of the time, and we have a Furminator for deshedding if you would like to borrow. It works wonders!

sdhorton said...

Cute pics. Nash is not shirtless often even though he would like to be probably...hmmm...Maybe we will try it. I like the second to last one. His face is priceless. We need to plan a trip to the zoo some time soon. The weather is suppose to be warm and nice this weekend. Let me know. It's time for another play date!

Sheehanigens said...

Please consider adding this to his clothing line...the kid-mop


Lauryl Lane said...

he is always adorable. always. (oh and i love the high chair. it looks much like MY 1981 highchair, which my sister now has for my little niece. can we call our baby highchairs VINTAGE? ahhhhh)

Leah Billings said...

What a cute little man!

Glad Mary Kay is doing well. I be keeping you all in my thoughts for sure.

Leah Billings said...

I meant "I'll". Not trying to go Jamaican on you or anything.

melissa said...

i like the second one, where he's all thinky-like. i wonder what he's pondering...

good vibes for mk. hope she's all right.

Stacia said...

The next to the last pic is a framer!! He is presh!!

Susan said...

I could make a brown and white puppy with the amount of dog hair I sweep up! It's unbelievable. I constantly say, "We're gonna have to stop letting them in, especially during prime shedding season! I can't handle this anymore! It's disgusting!" Then, I let them in to cuddle and play. What can I say, they're worth it. I want them inside at night with us, being part of the family. Just think of it this way, he shouldn't have allergies cause he'll be used to pet dander and stuff. And yes, I have not had to bend over to pick up a stray pea or crumb YET! After Set eats, I let them in to "vacuum".

the day's said...

hey we too have a wooden antique highchair. i got this super cool easy to clean rubber cover for the tray...SOOO much easier to clean. let me know if you want the name. oh....and naterade really quenches my thirst for all things cute-y-baby-ness. thanks! :)

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

and yummy.

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