traveling, traveling, traveling, traveling on


i held a beautiful baby girl. i smelled her head. (DANGER WILL ROBINSON.)

my child fell asleep on brooke and the picture is heartbreakingly adorable and must be framed immediately.

i saw these truck antlers on the highway. i kind of want them. on my saturn. hilarious.

i suffered from easter overload just like this drunken, humpy bunny. only less drunken. and less humpy. well, maybe not like him at all as that would be weird, but you get the picture.

i ripped my pants. not this rip. i earned this rip the good old fasioned way - wearing them all the time! i am in love with this rip. but my new rip? the reason i am sad? yep, i crotch-ripped them. because i am fat like that. ;)

we had a lovely four day weekend in st. louis with our friends and family.

back to the (bumpn) GRIND tomorrow. i don't see nothin' wrong.


John said...

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Lauryl Lane said...

So many fabulous photos! Love the one of B & Nate! Glad you guys had a good weekend! xo

melissa said...

happy easter, bunnies. xo

Unknown said...

I know of another sweet baby girl head that needs smelling. Ew, that sounds stranger when I typed it...anyway, come by sometime and get some baby girlie squeezes in--it's certainly sure to tempt you.

Stacia said...

oh I see John left you a comment...the same one he left me, word for word...lmao

sdhorton said...

Nate looks huge in that picture. They grow up too fast. I love sleeping pictures. They are so sweet.

Aubrey said...

Love love loved this post. Kat at her finest. I laughed out loud in numerous places.

P.S. I hope you told that sloppy drunken bunny "Hoppy Easter."

Chandle said...

Nate is so big!

Sarah said...

traveling, traveling, traveling, traveling on... dolly parton song that makes me cry every time i hear it!

my baby girl loves you.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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