way back wednesday

brooke and i way back when. in our HOT gap overalls. i posted this pic once here (back in 2006 - man we have been blogging awhile!) so i hope it still counts for wbw. i will scan some new oldies but goodies SOON i swear.

why did i think it was fun to climb on people. who does that?Justify Full


Stacia said...

that could be a Gap ad =)
and that must be your owl in the background.

m-m-m-melissa said...

it's okay to climb on people when you're tiny. i can't speak for brooke, but as a rather tall girl myself, i just come to kind of expect it.

you two look SUPER cute. :)

Jax said...

hahahahah.. That really could be a gap ad. Comical! :) And cute! Lovin the WBW! :)

{lauryl} said...

LOL! I had a pair of Old Navy overall SHORTS. What were we thinking? You two look like babies. Seriously. Babies. xo

Jennifer said...

One of my all time favorite pics. I love it.

sdhorton said...

Oh I loved and miss my Gap overalls. I think I actually still have them packed away somewhere hoping they come back in style!!!

Matt and Natalie said...

We love WBW! That is one awesome tan!

sasspot said...

note hootie in the background.

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