may the fourth be with you

i had a fabulous birthday, thank you for asking. (and thank you for the messages, notes, etc. they made my first day of retirement quite enjoyable.)

i asked my own mama a few details about my own birth - i was early and fast like nate nater. the hospital gave my mom a steak dinner complete with champagne and they stayed for a bit. i think when my cousin bridget had her little girl last year they gave her a free carseat to go home the next day.

so i am easing in to this whole stay at home thing. so far, so good. nate seems pretty happy about it. sometimes, my fingers itch to login to my work email. (i don't even know if i can. probably not. no. i don't want to know. i refuse. but i just want to check on my PEOPLE.)

today, it's 8:30 and Nate must know it's pouring down rain outside b/c he is still sleeping! (when will the rain END?) there are schools closed for flooding. the forecast says RAIN, RAIN, RAIN all day and night.

my stupid dog SUCKS all the enjoyment out of late night lightning and thunderstorms by panting and shaking and slobbering in my face all night. it is unfortunate and it makes me want to punch him. but i don't. i'm such a sucka. instead, i take him out to the couch and we cuddle and slobber together. all 80 pounds of him. (i am so afraid he is going to have a heart attack. he shakes and his little heart races. can dogs even have heart attacks?) (and, no, benedryl does not work. that just makes him shake, slobber, and PACE.)


megan said...

OMG---our lab does the exact same thing during thunderstorms...i mean one night, she came into charlie's room while we were feeding and managed to squeeze herself behind the chair and just shiver. i worry too about her and comfort her while my husband goes.."Megan you are encouraging bad behavior" blah blah blah. that's why the dogs never wake the boys. they know they will get lovin' from us. hope the rain stops soon! have a good day

melissa said...

the above makes me giggle. :)

schools are closed for real?!? i was unaware... i wish work was closed. um, forever.

it's surprising that arlo still gets all bajiggity about storms. i mean, this ain't his first rodeo. where is roxy during all of this hubbub? fast asleep in her slut pose? ;)

Ashley said...

I laughed out loud (in my silent office) when I read that you want to punch your dog in the face. That's something I would say. Isn't it funny that big dogs are scared of storms? Poor things. I have 2 yorkies that weigh in the single digits and they are scared of nothing! And if they ever do want something at night, they wake Lee up because they know that I'm going to ignore them, which is probably the same reason Arlo goes to you instead of Karl :)

Glad you're getting to stay home with Nate, you both derserve that time together!

Sarah said...

i always want to punch my dog in the face, especially now because it is shedding season. she only has to brush up against my leg and i am covered. and i bought the ferminator and it did nothing for me. everywhere she goes there is hair! i wish she were scared of thunderstorms instead.

this rain can take a hike.

Lauryl Lane said...

goodness! my mum's dog was freaking out last week, too. the massive thunderstorms (which in cali lingo i now refer to as "monsoons") make this usually macho watch dog quiver on the floor like a total sissy. i thought it was rather hysterical until i got tired of hearing doggy-whimpering for hours on end. although i found myself a bit frightened of the storming, too, so i had to sympathize with pippin just a tad. ;)

Jennifer said...

poor arlo and poor kat for being kept up all night. love you

Susan said...

Awwww...poor Arlo. Ruger and Ches could both sleep through the Armageddon. Which doesn't make me feel safe in the event of a break-in! The vet can prescribe something stronger than Benedryl....?