strolling with the homies

we have officially made it through the first week at home and are well into the second.

my stroller has gotten some serious street time. those of you that know me well, know that i DO NOT do mornings. and that, my friends, is a gross understatement. i hate everything there is to hate about the morning time. i hate the quiet before everyone else gets up (if i am up, they better be too!), i hate coffee. i hate birds. i hate showering in the AM. i hate the sound of the alarm clock. i honestly find that i do
not function well before 10 a.m., despite the hour i get out of bed or the amount of caffeine i gulp down (in the form of breakfast sodas).

(if you are questioning how i was able to get up, get my child to daycare, and myself to work at 8 prior to this week, you are not alone. i seriously wonder it myself.)

so i knew that this would be an issue when i started staying home. because nater patater, well, he likes to get out of bed early. and you can't exactly let a recently-mobile-never-seen-any-of-these-awesome-electric-cords child loose while you hit snooze four times and pretend it is still sleepytime.

but this morning thing has actually been working out pretty well. karl gets the baby up and changed and (time depenedent) feeds him his breakfast while i stumble around like a zombie putting on my tenny rubbers and drinking my breakfast shake (which karl also makes for both of us
every morning.) (how lucky am i, right?).

and then we walk.

and walk.

until i am awake.

it usually takes about 2 or 3 miles. (luckily, nate loves his stroller.)

(this morning i even jogged.)
(for like two blocks.)
(& almost died.)

please don't think i am some work out queen. we walk pretty slow. i do this out of sheer desperation to WAKE UP and GET GOING. if i lose twenty a few pounds in the process, that will be nice too. HA. here's to dreaming!

anyone have any additional wake up tips? i am terrified of the first day it is too hot/cold/rainy/dark to walk!

big long side note: we hit the streets with the BOB Revolution. I adore that thing. It might make me a stroller snob, but I don't even care. i wouldn't want another and am forever grateful to all of my friends that pitched in for this glorious piece of baby equipment. (for the record, i strongly oppose all strollers other than jogging strollers and the cheap-o umbrellas. i do support slings and other carriers and you can't convince me otherwise. and, of course, these, for those other babies of ours.) (sorry for the tangent - i just love it so much.)

pics coming soon! my battery on my camera is having some issues (and by issues i mean i lost the cord to charge it.)


Sarah said...

i love my bob so much i don't care if it makes me a stroller-roller snob. call it what you will. if anyone were to push that thing around they would immediately understand.

Sarah said...

ps good job getting up in the am. i struggle too. and am not doing the caffeine thing. urg!

and i also love this kat-not-working-thing because you are much easier to reach via tellie.

Maria said...

Oh, a BOB does not make you a stoller snob. A Bugaboo Cameleon does. CRAP! I am the stroller snob. ;) Honestly, different people need different strollers. That doesn't make any of us snobs.

Wake up... I've got nothing. Once I am up, I am up, and I like to get stuff done. I taper in the afternoon though, so if you have tips for afternoon energy, I'd love to have them too!

melissa said...

the title of this post made me choke on my coffee. well played, m'lady.

Unknown said...

Where are you living that it's not been rainy EVERY DAY?

I've surprisingly been pretty good about getting up with Sadie in the mornings, but I can't imagine getting my butt out to walk any earlier than 2pm. We spend our mornings on the couch watching Gossip Girl or Heroes, unless we've got an outing. We are lazy bitches.

Jax said...

I love the title of this post! And dude.. I feel ya on the mornings. People used to tell me "When you get to working full time, youll become a morning person." Nope. Sorry to burst their bubbles. I'm a leetle more of one, but only b/c corporate world supplies pepsi. My wake up trick: anything with mint. Shampoo with mint: Paul Mitchel in a green bottle, I think or Aveda has some mint thing...even minty body wash.. Mint will wake you up and wont make you hate it. If you dont want to shower first thing, mint hand soap even might work.

But, I'm with you.. I hate the birds chirping or rain falling or flowers blooming...or pretty much anything before 9am.

Lauryl Lane said...

mornings are one reason that i'm scared to have children. what if i end up with a morning child? that would be miserable. ;( or maybe i'd just sleep thru the screaming until the point where the kid would change his/her schedule? hmmm. ;) also, i need you to add a label to posts like this: baby paraphernalia. so when i actually do have a baby, i'll be able to look at your posts and know what sort of stroller to get. lol. ;)

sdhorton said...

This is the "grandma" in me (as my husband would call it) but I go to bed early or when Nash does often so I can get some sleep too. I am impressed about your dedication to walking and I am jealous of you staying home and being able to that!

Rina said...

Baby Bear and I love love love going for walks. It's no fun being cooped up all the time, otherwise! Good on you guys for walking so much!!

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