Bookworm Baby

Nate's first bday card came early this week - all the way from Singapore!

Tomorrow is his day of birth.

this time last year:
  • both karl and i worked a full day, walking to and from my car (used to park relatively far from my office... maybe 1/2 mile round trip?)
  • ate magic labor pizza for a coworkers bday lunch and walked to a shop next to the restaurant (had to sit down in said shop b/c i was having, um, troubles walking...heat...ankles...ugh)
  • laid in backseat in car on way back to office
  • took nap at work in kiddie playroom on a bean bag for an hour or so (must have been an attractive sight) (resting up without realizing it!)
  • around 7 or 8 shoved my fat ankles into some tennie rubbers and walked a mile or two with karl (had to stop once on the uphill b/c of my braxtons... had a lot of those throughout whole third trimester so thought nothing of a semi-strong one on the uphill in the heat)
  • laid down to sleep around 11:45. oh, shit. that one hurt. (i knew it was happening that night with that very first contraction.) (it was STRONG.)
well, you know the rest... i like looking back on that day b/c there were a lot of signs i just COMPLETELY IGNORED. but, i mean, everyday in the final weeks is like that and i was trying hard not to get my hopes up. (not many first babys come ten days early.)

and i remember vividly the first thought that popped into my head when he slid out - "he's HUGE!" (and something along the lines of "how was THAT inside of me?") i also vividly remember his arms and legs POPPING out from their little womb ball as karl caught him. BAM! tee hee. awesome.

thanks for listening. i will post a couple pics tomorrow!

if you are in LR and want to attend Nate's birthday party (and preferably i know you) please email me for details.


Ang said...

Awe!! Happy Birthday Nate!!!

Time flies Kat, I can't believe he is already one! Hope you guys have a great birthday party!

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Birthday Nate!

Love, Aunt Jayne

Lauryl Lane said...

happy birthday nate!!! omg, can't wait to see pictures from his party!

Jax said...

YAY!! I cant believe it's been a year!! Happy Bday Nateriffic!!

Sarah said...

It is hard to believe that Nate has been around for an entire year. It is hard to believe he was tiny. Are you really holding Nate in that picture? Dude!

It is hard to believe that this time last year I truly had no idea how you felt in that picture. Now I do and for that reason I say congrats all over again.

Rina said...

Happy Birthday Nater!!!!!!

Matt and Natalie said...

AWESOME! We are so glad it arrived in time :) Hope Nate (and his Mom and Dad) has a wonderful 1st birthday!

sdhorton said...

Yay Nate! Happy First Birthday. I love that picture of the three of you. Doesn't it make you miss him being so small! (even though you thought he was big) We are going to the lake in attempt to get some sun before our vaca. I'm sorry I am going to miss the party. I know it will be fun. Can't wait to see the pics.

Leah Billings said...

I still love hearing stories about that day. What an event!

Happy Birthday Little Man!

Stacia said...

Happy Happy Birthday Nate!
I will never forget the morning I read your story...wow!

sarabethjones said...

What a great birthday #1 is! Wishing you lots of birthday cake smashed on your face. For Nate, anyway...

Amy, David, Caroline, Corbin and Cohen said...

Happy Birthday Nate!! We can't wait to see you on Sunday :)

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday little man. Can't wait to see you!!