nuggets of internet goodness

so, yea, i am feeling like busting out some fun things i have found on the internet as of late.

#1. this is the funniest thing i have seen in awhile. i found this post via the succulent wife. there are additional sarah haskins skits at that link. they are all pretty funny but this one struck me. women and how they are portrayed in ads is fascinating (and often hilarious.)

#2. this with Taylor Swift and T-pain. (via MamaPop). It makes me hap-hap-happy. (you don't want to fight me / in my extra small white T)

#3. These amazingly hilarious wedding invites. (found via kirtsy.com).


Jax said...

bahaha! I love the wedding invite! Hilarious! And loving the cicada thing too!! I thought I was totally alone! :)

brooke knight said...

i haven't looked at the other two but the wedding invite is amazing! i love it!

Stacia said...

Taylor Swift=hilarious!!

melissa said...

taylor swift went up a few notches in my book for that one. what a little cutie.

and that wedding invite almost made me cry. SO freakin' sweet. love love love it.

Lauryl Lane said...

that wedding invite rocks my socks off.

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