i'm hot and you woke me up

i shot these images upon returning from a run this afternoon. nate passed out in the stroller... it was h.o.t. we were both sweaty and cranky and he did NOT want to be awakened. i didn't feel that bad for him as i was heaving and sweating and generally looking disgusting pushing 23 pounds of baby plus 22.5 pounds of stroller (i looked that fact up. my f-ing stroller weighs 22.5 pounds. no wonder it is so difficult to run up a hill.) (for the love. that is almost 50 pounds of stroller/baby PLUS the twenty extra pounds my, um, body below my neck is carting around!)

i must say i am officially ON THE WORKOUT TRAIN. it's nice. i forgot that i do enjoy working out. i also forgot how hard it is to get back in shape and how easy it is to fall out of it. Jenny
and I are doing the Couch to the 5K program (tracking eachother through google docs; oh this wonderful world wide web) and Sarah and I are doing a Body after Baby challenge. i am also thinking about rejoining my old gym that i adore. i haven't been there since i was about 26 weeks pregnant (my last step class!)

Wish me luck BECAUSE when i get back in shape this girl is contemplating getting all knocked up again. CONTEMPLATING. and in no rush.

(and that is a secret. so don't tell.)

(and honestly i think it might just be all the new babies around with their delicious smelling heads.)

(AND i just want to know what the next one is going to look like.)

(and how he or she will be different from the adorable monster that we call nate.)

i know, i am officially bananas with all the ()()()()().

it's all the freaking ENDORPHINS.


melissa said...

i saw that picture and said aloud, "OH GOOD GOD THAT POOR LITTLE KID." saddest face ever. must be tough to get to nap whenever / wherever. ;)

i am kind of back on the workout train too. i refuse to buy fat pants.

the day's said...

well guess what, this SOMER wishes it was FALL!! :)

Jennifer said...

AWESOME! I love it! Also the Sarah Bug is gonna do the run with us as well. She moved up to week 2 today! WE ROCK!

sdhorton said...

thoughts of the next little Horton are popping up in my head as well. they are just thoughts though I assure you but I am having the same what if questions(boy or girl, names, what will he or see look like). It didn't help me putting some more of Nash's baby stuff up in the attic :(. I miss my sweet little baby.
Good luck with the work out. You can do it (said like happy gilmore)!

Sarah said...

dude i am finally on the workout train too and it feels good.

yes, i said it and will repeat:


one week down.

second week of couch to 5k for me.

Aubrey said...

Congrats on the working out, friend. I am in awe of people who actually LIKE to sweat.

P.S. My baby's head smells so delicious that I have to concentrate on not gobbling her up or squeezing her too hard. :)

sdhorton said...

I'm such an idiot. It's waterboy not happy gilmore. You knew what I meant though right??

Susan said...

If only said gym would have a childcare program. I'd be right there with ya like the olden days!

Maria said...

I need the couch to 5K program. I started working out again last week or so, and I am out of shape and want my body back!