chalk it up

: to make strenuous or violent efforts in the face of difficulties or opposition
: to proceed with difficulty or with great effort

will YOU please not touch the outlet/eat the chalk/grab the dogs tails/poke your friends eyes/throw your sippy/touch the toilet/pull mommy's shirt down/run away from me in public?

happy tuesday friends!


melissa said...

tee hee. loves him. loves you too. maybe he'll stop eating chalk if you do. just a thought. ;) xo

care said...

um, if you take melissa's advice can karl take pictures, please?

Jax said...

LOL!!!!!!!! I love the label. That.is.awesome. And the post. Awesome, too. haha....You sure you want another one? ;) XOXO!

the day's said...

i would have left a comment five minutes ago but i had to spank booty for playing with the blinds....and now he's doing it again....arrrgh!

sdhorton said...

if it makes you feel any better, Nash does all those things as well. i guess it's just their age.

Aubrey said...

:) My child LICKED the toilet once...okay, twice. I actually let her do it again so I could get a picture. I had just cleaned it, so that makes it better, right? I'm just saying...it could be worse.

Stacia said...

LOL his love for bathrooms is something they all do. Photo is adorable!

Susan said...

Glad to see the chalk being put to good use. A snack is good use even if not the intended use.
Sidenote: on one of those "baby story" episodes, the momma of twins was eating chalk. It was her craving. I swear, ask Megan; we watched it together. The doc even said on tv that it has no nutritional value (DUH!), but it couldn't hurt either...it's just corn starch and some other ingredients.....

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