sno cones and slacking

nate and i are back in little rock THANK GOD. we were ready to get home. i don't believe we will be traveling again until september. i am ready for a break from planes, and trains, and automobiles. and packing. (chronic underpacker + child = many aw crap moments and runs to this store or that.)

our trip started - before we even pulled up to our destination - with getting PULLED OVER. like by the PO-leeeece. so that was exciting! St. Louis is infamous for it's sheer # of cops - each neighborhood has its own precinct and some areas/precincts are more famous than others for handing out the tickets. i was LESS THAN A MILE from the house when this particular officer pulled me over - for running a red light... which was clearly yellow. i was tempted to invite him to little rock to observe and report the running of the red lights there. it is BAD. let the record show that i am
very anti-running-red-lights, so i am still not sure why he really did pull me over BUT whatever. he was very nice (we could have stopped for a drink!) and had just had his first baby (a boy named Gage) four weeks ago. we swapped some delivery stories (she had a c-section) and sleeping habits (he and his wife are both struggling with the sleep deprivation) and off nate and i went.... completing our 7 HOURS in the car together.

mid-trip, i lost my wallet on a jog. yea, it's gone. forever. i felt ridiculous. nothing says i'm-a-grown-up like losing your wallet while staying with your parents... who then proceed to make sure you have locked the door/have your cell phone/set the alarm like you haven't been doing these things on your own for the last couple of

the trip wrapped with a wonderful 21st birthday party for my cousin max (complete with sno cone machine and money-blowing pit):
the trip home was LONG but the weather was clear and we made it safely, so i can't complain too much.


Lauryl Lane said...

fun times!

Aubrey said...

Love the story about your run-in with the po-po. :) Also loved hearing that I'm not the only one whose tendency to lose wallets, misplace keys, lock oneself out of the house/car/etc increases when with one's parents. M&D DEFINITELY think I'm helpless. They probably fear for their granddaughters' safety and wellbeing. :)

the day's said...

what? you leave us with a label like that with no pics?! you are an unusually cruel woman! ;)

Stacia said...

welcome back!

Sarah said...

it was really fun to come to your page and see that cute little face starring at me.

brooke knight said...

kat! didnt realize that the reason that you went was for max's b-day! i knew it was coming up - i am so glad you were able to go to that, despite the travel hassles. yay for max.