things i love about mom and dads

in no particular order (some of the pics are blurry; they are all with my phone and, well, i am not exactly what you would call a steady hand.) and with no particular regard for tense, punctuation, or full sentences, i present: things i love about mom and dads.

my old fisher price peoples are available for playing. Silo included.
there is free beer within jogging distance of the house. Nate and I took a morning jaunt over to Grants Farm...took a train ride, saw some buffalo and swimming deer...I didn't indulge in a beer at 10 am, but it's nice to know it's there. (plus, i didn't have my id on me and i look approximately 13 years old so they probably would have denied me the freshly brewed yummies anyway.)

mom's collection of, um, decorative ducks for her bathroom. seriously, there are ducks in here wearing easter bunny ears, holding sparklers, wearing pilgrim hats, and in summer swimsuits. yea. nate loves them. (where does one buy these ducks?)

you can buy gooey butter cake in the grocery store. i make gooey butter cake down south... generally no one knows what it is. Yumtown. Good thing I can't buy it at the grocery store at home.

dad buys me things like this - a decorative fan owl. isn't it amazing? it will be perfect in my owl sanctuary kitchen.

my parents still keep things like this with their other VHS tapes by the TV. (Oh YES that is MTV's The Grind workout video.)

Proof that we didn't just find a picture of the Grind video from the internets:


Jennifer said...

I heart this post so much!

melissa said...

Didn't we used to be scared to death of owls?

melissa said...

2. eric nies is still hot. don't judge me.
3. you gots to carry that i.d. wherever you go, kathleen. they don't serve teenagers with babies unless properly identified.
4. i miss you. i hope you're having fun but i would like you to come back soon, please.
5. xoxo

Lauryl Lane said...

i love that your dad buys you owls. my grandma does that. i have the most awesome beaded owl sweater EVER. i've never actually worn it, but i think i shall, just for a blog post.

ps. never heard of gooey butter cake? but yum! if it has butter in the title, it's got to be good... right?

Sarah said...

just shit my pants when i saw the fisher price play toys. we had the same ones and my mom still has them too! adalynn and aven play with them... someday lucia.

i love the little peeps.

Sarah said...

we actually have a little house too... with little beds and a table and chair set. the rest of the furniture is drawn on the walls of said house.

love it.

good old toys.

caught lucia with one of my brothers' old ninja turtles in her mouth while changing her diaper yesterday. um. too many little parts for little person. hello.
watch it! geez sarah!

hate when people refer to themselves in third person.


Susan said...

I'm coming home with you next time....just so you know....

we can eat goey butter cake then work it off doing The Grind! All the while, Set and Nate can play duckies and weeple people...that's what we called them.

Nanna said...

The exact silo is still in the Dill house also. Along with a couple of hundred legos, Barbie Dolls, P.J. Sparkles and some Pogs. We make dirt cake all the time. We use real dirt. Just kidding. I found a Richard Simmons VHS tape at my house. I do not remember buying it. It scares me more than owls.

sdhorton said...

Glad you and not got to get away and enjoy your being at your parents house. You will have to post a recipe for the cake. You have us southners curious!

mercurial mary said...

I would totally steal that owl fan out of your kitchen.