well that was hilarious

thanks for the input... special thanks to the comment-ers. ;)

sigh. all polls aside, i think it's probably time to cut it. (maybe not too drastically.)

(do i cut it myself? have someone do it?)

(also - are you really supposed to keep some of it? that seems strange to me.)

nate and i are headed to STL to see my mom and dad and sister for the rest of the week. which is super because i am NOT (repeat not!) having the greatest week thus far with the naterade. it's fine. just a parenting-is-hard kind of week. limits are being pushed/tested. ears are hurting. teeth are coming. naps are being skipped. tables are being climbed. outlets are being, um, touched. (yikes.) (no worries; the outlets are covered.) (but still.) it's also been a bit gloomy doomy (we had an amazing lightning storm around 2:30am this morning!) so we haven't been out and about as much as the past few weeks.


Ashley said...

I vote no for keeping some of it. Unless you have some kind of scrapbook for Nate that would require/benefit from said hair. Keeping hair for any other reason is just plain creepy.

Lauryl Lane said...

I agree with Ashley. Putting a small lock in a baby book is a-okay. Keeping a plastic baggie of it (like my MIL did for my husband) is UBER CREEPY. And I was one who said you should just clean up the mullet. You could probably do it yourself, but it might be easier if you have someone else do it so you can hold his head and keep him from moving around too much. ;)

Sarah said...

this is just to say that my mother saved a bit of my hair. we found it before lucia was born. my great grandmother was a barber and gave me my first haircut. she saved its sweet blondness in a bag and gave it to my mom. (we are talking blond blond blond like nater_). my mom balled when we found it in my baby box.

too much information. sorry.

my point:

save some... who knows if it will ever be as blond? and anyway, it is his first bit of hair.

sdhorton said...

I would have it cut in fear of messing it up myself. I would definately take pictures and possibly save some. We are having the same challanges with Nash. Mainly his temper. When he get something taken away from him or is mad about something he has started hitting himself on the head and I hate it but what can you do?

Kate said...

my haircut guy gave me a tip for cutting the back of my daughter's hair -- don't cut straight across, even though that's probably everyone's instinct about what to do. He said that if you cut it in a little bit of an arc (like a rainbow) that it will grow out better -- and will look straight as it grows out instead of growing straight back into a mullet. there's my unsolicited advice.

as for keeping it - I don't know. I'm kind of like you. Kept some from the first haircut because I thought maybe that was what one is "supposed" to do. But now it's still sitting in my closet on my dresser, and I have no idea what I'll do with it.

Jax said...

I agree with keeping it in a baby book of sorts. It looks sweeter that way anyway...with a rubber band around it or something...:)

And safe travels, lady! Cant wait to read more about your adventures! XOXO!

Maria said...

I kept a bit of The Boy's in an envelope, because I am THAT far behind on his baby book.

I always took The Boy somewhere. He has curly hair and zero tolerance for a haircut (until this past one), so I even went to a kids place so he could be distracted by a movie or something. Most of the time it worked.

Susan said...

Take him to a salon or barber. DO NOT try to do it yourself. I repeat...DO NOT try to do it yourself. What seems so simple can go so wrong so quickly.

Advise...take a sucker. Bribing with candy is the only way Setler will allow his hair to be cut.

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