10 year Reunion

No Nate pictures this weekend - I will be sure to post some during the week.

This weekend we celebrated Karl's 10 year HS Reunion.

It was fun. ish.

It was more fun to hang out with the people I know and love than to meet the stranger dangers from long ago. i adore meeting new people, but there was a bit of a snottystrange "do i know you?" vibe in the good ole Juanita's party room this past Saturday. Too little food, too much alcohol!

i didn't make it to my 10 year reunion, so i had to live vicariously through this one.


megan mcniff said...

we missed you at our 10 year....there are some parts of the academy that you wouldn't even recognize!! it looked like fun from all the pics on facebook! PS: i swear i'm mailing nater's gift this week (i haven't forgotten i promise...it just took me a little while to procur (sp??) one part of the gift)

Anonymous said...

I do NOT plan on attending my 10th and I kinda hope that DH doesn't want to go to his either. I think that he'd want to lose weight first. luckily that's two years away so we've got time. I'm glad ya'll sorta had fun.

mere said...

I'm debating attending mine. It's late September. I don't talk to anyone anymore, which could be weird. And I'm afraid it's gonna be one big pissing match

Maria said...

I blew my 10 year off. Not sure I'll go to the 15 either. We'll see.

melissa said...

i'll go to mine if you go with me. you have roughly two years to consider it. let me know.

Sarah said...

My little old school in CZR did not have a reunion for my class. They have these weird "anyone who attended ISP" reunions every year in Prague and in big cities like NYC and London - places I suppose most people without child could get to easily. Someday I hope to go to one, someday when all my friends could go as well. That someday may not be soon. I was kinda sad that we did not have a big reunion with all 32 of us, but it would be kinda hard to organize. I guess.


Matt's reunion is in September and I went to Ponca HS my ninth grade year (and all through middle school as well) so his will be just as fun for me because I get to hang out with all my old girl friends. I was part of the "too cool for you group" that Matt so loathed. And then he married one.


I always write a book in the comment section. LIKE anybody gives a f***.

But you do, right?

One question: did Audra's hubs go to school with Karl? Confused.

Lucia's mom

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