Guest Blog Spot!

Greetings from the North Country! (seriously, we are in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin for a wedding) We did do this last night...Leinenkugel tour! (Do you guys have that down south?!?! Our tour guide claims they are in every state except Alaska. I am skeptical.) However, it is a DELISCIOUS microbrew made here in Chippewa Falls. Anyways, isn't this pretty much exactly what you pictured up North to be?! Because it is. Even our bar was a log cabin last night.

For those who don't know me, I'm Kat's sister Jenny. I wanted to write a post for 3 reasons.

a) Because they are too busy in NY to post and I know everyone is dying to see pictures!! (I'm sure there will be a HUNDRED more after these few that I leak)

b) On this, the week of their anniversary, I thought it would be nice if everyone left their thoughts of love and encouragement for Kat and Karl as a couple (maybe SANS Nate compliments..but then throw in a Nater-Tot compliment at the end. obvs.)

c) just to hack into kat's a/c without her knowing and doing anything I please. mwawawaw.

For anyone who was worried about NY and babies..have no fear. Sort of. The train ride was a success. That Nate completely conked out during. And the hotel was accomodating. Sort of. Check out ghetto crib!!!

And for the finale of all pictures (katie-don't shoot me for hijacking your best blog pic...)


Okay, now that I posted some spoiler pics.......I'll start with the extra special portion of the post!

Kat and Karl- On your fourth anniversary (four years?!?!) When you aren't giving Nate Tommy Boy face (kidding) you guys are super parents. Nate is the luckiest little guy out there because he could not have done any better. Not only that, but you guys are still a fantastic couple..still supportive of each other even in the most stressful times. So congrats on making it this far!! Many more years to come. Now for pretty pic.


Jax said...

Awww! Love this! Thanks, Jenny!! :) Sweet post and excellent pics!! Way to go K&K on an awesome 4 years and a fabulous little guy! :) You both have something together worth aspiring to.. for reals. XOXO!

Jax said...

aw crap... the "G" was Jackie. Long story, but my stupid google gets messed sometimes and hates me and signs me in under a different google name. Pish posh. LOL!

Sarah said...

At first I thought this was Kat and was thinking WTF she just sent me a message from NYC. and then it all came together and cool - you did a guest post about your awesome sis and her hubs on their anni. nicely done, sister sue. ur, um, jenny. you guys have a similar writing style. cuteness. nice to meet you, even though we really did not meet. cheers.

Susan said...

Congrats! That is the smallest crib known to man! But the BIG pic is totally rad!

Leslie Robus said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Wish we were in the big apple to. :-)

brooke knight said...

Jenny rules.

kat and karl are fantastical.

and i am so uber glad that they took this vaca for their anni!

right now i am thinking about how FREAKING excited i was whilst on the plane to stl for their wedding, and all of us jumping on the bed in her hotel room while getting ready. :)

brooke knight said...

per j's request:
words of encouragement for k & k:

i am always encouraged by how well you work together and handle each other, even if it doesnt always feel like you do. you are also the first people i have closely watched PARENTING TOGETHER and i am always hopeful that we can do as well as you have!

Lauryl Lane said...

aw, yay! happy anniversary, kat & karl! coming from a family system of broken marriage after broken marriage, i take great pleasure in seeing my friends continue to be happy and in love, even AFTER tying the knot. you two are an encouragement. xoxo.

Kate said...

congrats on 4 years.

I think you're like, famous now, ya know? B/c only famous bloggers have guest bloggers, right? Wow. Nice sister.

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