the requisite anniversary post

august 27, 2005: why, yes, that is US on the cake, thanks for noticing. happy wedding skinny people!

august 2006: anniversary 1: in St. Louis before a Cards game.

august 2007: anniversary 2: in NYC at a Yankees game! (Last season in the old stadium!)

august 2008: anniversary 3. the year we apparently did not celebrate an anniversary or commemorate the moment with a photo. huh, something must have been distracting that year.

august 2009: year FOUR. well, HELL, someone better remind me to take pictures of me and my husband on OUR anniversary. maybe even without a baby in them! because in the month of august thus far i have shot a few hundred photos and very few even have us in them. huh.
AND, today, on the eve of our anniversary, naterface gave us an EXTRA SPECIAL early present:
the opportunity to look like HORRIBLE parents!

(and the opportunity to say (warning: tommyboy quote) "JESUS WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE?")

(Not here or here so much. Right here!)

Yea, he got in a fight. With some concrete stairs. I think they won. I promise 1. i was right behind him. 2. the THWUMP was, in fact, sickening. 3. it's not as bad as it looks in this image. 4. he only cried for like 30 seconds. (which was ridiculously weird since he can go a good five minutes if you take the wrong electric cord toy away.)

i am worried to take him out in public - i don't want anyone to call child protective services on me. i mean, kids fall down, right? UGH. say a prayer that it magically goes away overnight.

anyway, happy anniversary!

(also, looking back through these photos indicates that both karl and i are in serious need of a wardrobe update.)


Angela said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Poor Nate! (the tommy boy quote did make me laugh though!)

Aubrey said...

Happy Anniversary! I completely understand the lack of couple pics. Unfortunately I also understand living in fear of an unexpected child services visit (when Ella busted her lip). Being a parent totally changes your life. :)

Maria said...

Happy Anniversary, and kids fall.

Leah Billings said...

Have a fabulous trip Hills Fam! And I hope little man heals up quickly. :)

sdhorton said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you enjoy your trip and MAN NATE'S FACE LOOKS AWFUL. Poor guy. I think he got Nash's face beat. Nash's bruise healed up quick so maybe his will too. Got my fingers crossed.

melissa said...

it's not so much here or here...

nope, ship shape.

he'll be all right, mama. it was bound to happen sooner or later, right? he looks all tough and hard... perhaps he will keep the crazies at bay in the big city. :)

have fun! xo

Ashley said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

yay your wedding picture! That cake is too cute :) And I like the 2nd anniv. pic of you guys, really goo dof you both!

Poor little Nater pants, that looks like it really hurt :( I'm sure that is just one of many, many cuts and scrapes to come.

brooke knight said...

dude, that 2007 pic of you two is hot! you do need to take more pics together, cause you are cute. please remedy this on the vacay! hope you are flying safely right now with no TSA nighmares! :)

The Brockintons said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a great one!

Lauryl Lane said...

Happy FOUR YEARS!!! (I'm not gonna lie, I thought it was five years... I thought you guys were more than five months ahead of us.... prolly the whole Nate thing made me think that). Hope your trip is wonderful! Is it terrible to maybe put some cover-up on that child? Or will that look even worse? Like you're guilty and don't want people to know he has injuries all over his face? Erm... I'm sure he'll heal quickly. ;-) Seriously, kids his age always have bumps on their heads. It's totally okay. I think. ;-)

Jax said...

Awww yay!!! Happy Anni!!!!! :) YAY!! Have so much fun in NYC!!!

Unknown said...

It's Kristen.

The injuries make him look tough. Chicks dig scars.

And I may have been guilty for putting make-up on Elizabeth many, many times to hide all her scrapes and bruises those first two years.

Stacia said...

Happy Happy Anniversary!

Susan said...

If nobody calls SCAN on me when I whip out the wooden "sad spoon" ofrom my purse in the middle of Target and go to spankin', nobody will get onto you for Nate having a boo-boo or 2...or 57!
Happy Anni! Feels like Mary and I were just there partying with ya'll!

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