a berf day

a few months ago (with the help of some adorable stock art) i designed these for baby knight's tulsa shower. i have the high res pdf but i didn't want you to be that nosy about it so i took a picture.
the header typeface is called felttip marker and the other text is in the ITC Bauhaus family. i'm way into vectory-children-ey art these days. (surprise.) i was rather fond of these invites - b loves geee-rafs and the shower was all jungle-ey so it seemed like a perfect fit. PLUS it was her BIRTHDAY so it was a Birth Day Celebration. GET IT? GET IT? B designed the cutest invites for my shower so i felt rather under (self) pressure. See - how cute are these? For real.
anyway, the shower was wonderful. sarah and jenny and i have similar planning styles (read: we get shit done.) so it seemed less stressful than past events (or maybe we are just getting REALLY GOOD at throwing parties after years of weddings and babies.). plus we had decor help from melissa and dessert help from ashley which was WONDERFUL. so many people love brooke and are supporting her and paul and baby knight already.

i was happy with my cheese tray piling skillz (VERY important lifeskill; who knew?) (F i love cheese.):

and the whole delicious food table:
and the GEEEEEEEE-rafe cake Jenny ordered:

and the freaking amazing cupcakes Ashley made.
I was OBSESSED with the panda. i mean, seriously, LOOK AT HIM and his oreo haunches:

anyway, enough about the FOOD. ON TO THE PREGNANT LADY FRIEND:
she chose to reveal her baby's name this day and did so via onsie gift opened by hostesses (oddly, we all have BOY BABIES. landen, nate, and maddox also can't wait for their new friend parker to arrive.)
quite honestly i didn't understand what was happening for a moment (mostly cause i was all giggley on wine), until sarah said "here, take #1!" and i was all OOOOHHHHHH.
welcome little parker. we can't wait to post your pictures all over the interwebz.

more pics here from Jax and here from B herself!


melissa said...

that was a pretty rad-ass shower, if i do say so myself. good pics. :) xo

Lauryl Lane said...

love love love. that is all.

Meredith said...

Holy smokes! Those are the most adorable cupcakes I've ever laid eyes on. What a cool talent to have! You all look great - happy and lovely. Wish I could have joined in the PDK-welcome wagon.

brooke knight said...

awww. thanks love.


Jax said...

haha!!! Love love loved seeing you!!! ANd the last pic is hilarious-love the wine giggles... :) I can't wait to see Naterade and your cute self again at homecoming!!! You're coming right? RIGHT?!

Unknown said...

cheese piling skills are a definite must in life, and yours are awesome! and now i really want some cheese and some corn dip....

Jennifer said...

What an amazing weekend. The only negative is Kevin never giving me an exact number of cupcakes I can consume per day when I become a professional athlete. I plan to discuss it with him further the next time I see him (and am so drunk I won't shut up)

Sarah said...

i like that when i read your blog i can actually hear you talking in my head.