cause somedays you just need to cry

these are from last week. nate had, uh, a day. THE DAY OF TEARS we shall call it. not a thing was right in the world for nate on this day. it was frightening and sad and humorous all at once. i did what any stellar mom would do - i took pictures.


melissa said...

he's even cute when he cries. :)

sdhorton said...

better to take pictures that have your own day of tears right along with him. that last one is just pitiful.

Maria said...

Some days I feel like Nate. When The Boy feels like Nate, I snap pictures too. ;)

Lauryl Lane said...

that's what I would do, too. ;-)

Jax said...

awww nater tot...

Rina said...

Awww. Baby Bear has days like that too. Like, today.

Sometimes I can't help but laugh...I know that's awful but I guess I just don't know what else to do when it's been going on ALLLLL DAYYYY.

Aubrey said...

I take pictures too. And laugh. Glad I'm not the only mom like that. :)

Sarah said...

Oh baby boy! I cried like a baby yesterday. It happens. But honestly, he looks much cuter than I do when crying.

Jax said...

I think this was the first part of my Saturday.. whiney mcwhine.. haha! Glad girlie time shook me out of it! SO good to see you, pretty!!! :) XOXO!

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