okay, okay, i'm on it

I have been writing this blog in my head for DAYS. in snippets. and pieces. and on scraps of paper. that i now can not find. so, i am just going to spill. (as quickly as possible before the terror that is nate can stop me.)

NYC: Part 1

Before I get started, I am giving you fair warning: Most of these images were shot with my iPhone. Honestly, i brought my nice camera but i don't know why. amid all the other things i had to carry, that wasn't high on the priority list. plus it rained and i was paranoid about the lens.

we packed this the night before: (all three of our belongings fit in this suitcase. we additionally brought a stroller and a diaper bag. i know this sounds like packing light but it still seemed quite cumbersome in transit.)
thursday morning, we left on a plane: (nate was surprisingly good on the flight there. he had not flown since november so we were a little nervous. smaller babies = much easier travel buddies. we let him have some paci and he was quite wiggly but quiet. we got many compliments which is always nice.)
nate was hungry on the airport shuttle and fell asleep WHILE eating. observe:
then we got on a train:
we checked into our hotel and got settled and ready to hit the park, meet family, and eat out! i contemplated if NYC was ready for my baby bangs (look how much they have grown!):
decided the fashion mecca of the world was not quite ready for that jelly and headed to the park rocking the side braid (my new favorite mommy-do):
met phillip for dinner somewhere in midtown:

stopped for late night snacks: (banana, milk, and beer. super classy.)
So there you are: DAY ONE, one week later exactly!

we didn't hesitate to bring Nate with us to any restaurant the entire trip. we got some looks but didn't care so much. every single time we walked out of the hotel nate would see all the people and scream "HI! HI!" and wave until someone paid attention to him. he also went b-a-n-a if there was a dog "DOG! DOG!" I find these things highly entertaining as his parent; you might not.

karl and i may also have spent one night locked in the bathroom streaming a netflix movie whilst waiting for Nate to go to sleep. (categories: wild nights in manhattan, you know you are a parent when, and don't tell anyone.)


I probably won't be able to drag it out the whole five days (one day per post) but a girl can try, right? it's hard with twitter cause i feel as though i tweeted many moments and am now repeating some of them. you don't mind too much, do you? (don't answer that.)


Jennifer said...

Oh oh oh I am so happy to see pics and hear about the trip. Nate looks like such a big boy in some of the pictures. I seriously cannot wait to see him next weekend! Looking forwards to the remaining NYC posts!

sdhorton said...

I am amazed that you fit everything in one suitcase. I could not do it. I tend to over pack. I would love to hear the rest because we are considering a similar trip.

Lauryl Lane said...

think of the twittered moments as just a "preview." love the post of day one! ;-)

brooke knight said...

he does look so big. and you look so skinny. i am superimpressed with your packing. i am glad that you found a place you love to visit, that makes for a lovely family tradition!

i am also still a bit jealous. i want to seeeeeeeeeeeee new yooooooooooork (whine!).

Jax said...

YAY! I love this! Keep it up! I also love the side braid. You=cute. You look fab. Nate looks fab. (Karl, you look fab, too). I cant wait to read more. And the "ready for this jelly" made me laugh. A lot. Out loud.

Ashley said...

Yay, can't wait to hear about the rest! Nate is so HUGE!! I can't believe it! I love the thought of him saying 'hi' over and over again until someone notices him! Sometimes I feel like I do that too :)

the day's said...

yeah!! so glad you had a great time, and that you are safely home. got your message yesterday...stop with the g! you deserve it...call me and i'll treat grown up lunch. how does saag paneer sound?! ;)

melissa said...

how in the HELL did you get all that stuff in what suitcase, that's what i want to know. incredible.

pics of hills fam on vacation = friday morning win.

love you pigeon. xo

melissa said...

one suitcase, not what suitcase. shut it.

The Smiths said...

Please tell me exactly what was in that suitcase and what your packing method is! Coby and I are in New Orleans for the WEEKEND and packed a huge suitcase AND hanging bag!

Stacia said...

New York looks good on you guys :)