i got nothing.

it's been raining.

and raining.

and raining.

oh, and, uh, raining.

i still don't have a halloween costume for nate. i have some options.

this week we have been laying low (b/c of the rain and b/c of the multitude of sick people around us. STAY AWAY germs.)

we are unable to jump in leaves or go to the park. even when it's not raining, the parks are too wet to play!

this week karl and i also participated in the GREAT CEILING DEBATE 2009 which was one of those thrilling arguments in which married folks participate. basically, the contractors fixing our ceiling could NOT match our swirly, funky ceiling pattern that someone hand painted in 1950 something. they tried and tried and tried and took pictures and got a variety of tools. it just wasn't working. i won't tell you what 'side' karl or i took but i will tell you that our ceiling now has a nice, pretty smooth finish. it doesn't match the rest of the house but it doesn't look like shit either! THRILLING people. absolutely THRILLING. (much like this blog post!) i bet you wish you were there. the poor men painting were here so much that nate started referring to them as daddy. (teasing.)

the weekend is supposed to be rain-free but i am not holding my breath.