today is the last day

for six years, karl has worked as a business analyst and then a developer for some variation of the company: stephens/staffmark/cbspersonel. he has had four bosses. he has had no less than six offices/cubes. he has worked on several floors of the downtown stephens building (most recently 17) and then moved to their current office in west little rock. additionally, since, uh, 2006 (?) he has been freelancing web design for our (his!) company, Simple Click Design.

today (today!) we close that chapter (though he still will be working on selective freelance projects). Karl is moving on over to Capsearch.com. Capsearch is a web-based research utility providing lobbyists, legislators, educational institutions, businesses, and associations with real-time information on changes in legislature and state government. It is formerly affiliated with my old employer, Arkansas Business. Here is an article about breaking ties and about Karl joining. I won't go into a terrible amount of details, but they have received funding from several wonderful sources and have a great amount of support. This product has proved to be successful in Arkansas (after just a year!) and i know they are raring to get it out to other states.

(if you skimmed all that read here: it's an internet startup!!)

we are all pretty pumped about the transition (though some days it's makes me want to vom out of nervousness; apparently, i don't handle big changes all that well). The offices are back downtown - the home of both our our careers here in Little Rock! i will be so happy to have an office down there again!

additionally, i am picking up some freelance work here and there (some from my former employer in fact). Nate is going to Mother's Day Out once a week and I am looking forward to contributing some cash money right before the holidays! (which are FAR FAR away. clearly.)

what do you do when there is major change in your family? like i said, i kind of want to vom, but instead believe i will play to role of Good Wife and throw some energy into decorating his new office! suggestions welcome. i'm thinking taxidermy with a hint of post-it.


Ashley said...

Yay!!! This is exciting!! And thanks for the dumbed-down version because I'm not so smart and didn't fully grasp the concept there for a minute :)

I like the office decor theme, but you should probably add in a pinch of sharpie.

sarabethjones said...

Have you made him an honorary M.D. certificate yet? Because I think he needs one of those in his office, too.

How exciting!

Jax said...

YAY! This is awesome! Congrats to Karl!!! :) And I love that you're taking on some contract type stuff too-why not, right? :) I'm pumped to see you soon!!!

brooke knight said...

taxidermy with a hint of post-it. nice.

Meredith said...

That's great news! Congrats to you both! :) As far as what I do when there is a major change, I take a lot of showers. I know, it's ridiculous. But showers relax me more than anything else and they're FREE! I think our water bill was sky high for about 3 months straight.

Aubrey said...

Congratulations, guys! When life changes stare me in the face, I share your tendency to feel like vomming. It's not fun. Happy decorating!

sdhorton said...

Yes I too feel like vomiting when there is big change.That and crying super easily. It usually passes after the scarey part is over. Good luck. Hope it is a change for the better!

melissa said...

read this yesterday but forgot to comment. 1. congrats to k-pain, computer genius! 2. i'm pretty sure my dad has some extra deer heads laying around if you need them. 3. the news story on abpg sounds very grown up. i'm not sure i love that you two are adults. :)
4. xo

Sarah said...

Good luck to Karl! And yay for you! I had no idea so much was going on ... good for you guys. Best best wishes.

Lauryl Lane said...

Best wishes to Karl on the job change-- major changes are always difficult in the beginning but almost always turn out to be SO GOOD in the end. Thank God! Have fun decorating the new office- taxidermy sounds perfect. ;-)

Elizabeth Spann said...

Congratulations to both of you! Love you dearly, Hills Family! I'm so proud.

Susan said...

Congrats! I was super nervous when Seth left BCC and started MWC. Did I mention Setler was 2 months old at the time and we risked no insurance for a month?! Yeah, NERVES! However, things turned out well. Good luck.
Seth's office will be taxidermy in a few months with his new birthday deer! Better his office than my house! Don't get me wrong, I love a good deer head in a cabin or lodge, not so much in my living room though!

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