muddy buddies

this weekend i participated in (among other things) a MUD RUN! It is an annual 5K in Little Rock - costumes required. we didn't have a lot of prep on the costumes so we decided upon superheros with kiss style makeup. the race is basically a three mile run and and then you go through a little balloon arch (yea! balloon arch! always a sign the RACE IS OVER! woo hoo!) and then the last tenth of a mile is an ENORMOUS mud pit. the weather was perfect but that mud was FA-reeeeeezing. we took our shoes off to hop in and our toes were numb within the first hundred yards. there were mud puddles up to about my mid-thigh/waist. the three of us pictured above (keely on the left, waynette on the right in the last image) held on to eachother and flung mud everywhere. keely and i eventually opted to crawl - which was REAL fun and much easier. i kind of felt like a stripper (an awesome stripper who keeps her clothes on) i'm not going to lie. i also felt real badass running with a cape on. i think it made me FASTER! the only downside of climbing out of the mudpit was having to get nakey beside our car to put on dry clothes.

(many thanks to melissa p.h. who got up with us and rolled nate around in the stroller while we raced on.)

more photo recaps of the weekend to follow...


melissa said...

nater got a kick out of all the muddy runners... he looked so confused! kinda wishing they did this in the summer. mud pit participation would be even more fun, yes?

Sarah said...

Sweet! Cannot wait to run with you this weekend :)

Meredith said...

AHAHA! I LOVE that you ran with a cape!!

sdhorton said...

running bare foot through freezing cold mud does not sound like fun. glad you had a good time though. (by the way I found a homemade lemoonade recipe that I think I am going to try. I haven even thought about calling them to see how they make it. I am obessed at this point)

Anonymous said...

One of the most fun activities I ever participated in was mud volleyball. It was in the summer and they had curtained off areas to hose off and change.

Looked like you had a great time.

-Aunt Jayne

Kaitlin said...

haha, that's awesome! Tulsa has a similar run and I may just have to try it next year! Glad the mexican food aversion will pass- I love chips and salsa way too much to never eat it again!

Andrea said...

I'm convinced that if I wore a cape every where I would do things with so much enthusiasm and fanfare that my house would be sparking clean.


You kick ass.

If it's not too much trouble add my new "Mommy blog" to your blog roll. Keeping Miss Priss active, too. http://thesnortinggigglesaurus.blogspot.com/

Jennifer said...

I'm gonna wear a cape this weekend for our run.

Lauryl Lane said...

wow. i can't even imagine. of course, i hate to be dirty. and mud = dirty. ;-)

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