today i broke my blender

the kitchen smells like burnt blender rubber (i.have.no.idea.how.), it's been raining for 40 days and 40 nights and my small companion wants to go 'ousiiiii' NO LESS than every five minutes. (can you say CABIN FEVER.) (first local person to suggest the wonderplace gets a bullet to the brain. it's fun; there's only so many times i can go. and it's, uh, unfree. like many other fun, unfree places.) honestly, we aren't really that bored. i'm just REAL pissed my blender, like, broke (the same blender we use EVERY SINGLE MORNING to make breakfast shakes!) so i feel this gives me the right to complain about everything... cause, well, clearly.

for the record, i was TRYING to make cauliflower 'mashed potatoes' and the bit i salvaged (after slamming around the rubbery blender and waking nate from his nap!) tasted pretty swell. i would like to try again BUT it is literally POURING BUCKETS AND BUCKETS:

and if you have ever taken a kid to the grocery store in the rain (especially my store where they keep the carts outside so there are no dry carts; hence, no dry place for your little one to sit), it's not that fun!

PLUS our roof was SUPPOSED TO BE DONE today and, instead, the tiles/slats *what the hell are they called* SHINGLES? are still sitting half in and half out of my carport (which means i can't actually park in my carport!). in the meantime, the ceiling in our office keeps drip drip dropping. it's like a real SUPER AWESOME country song.

only really classy folk make PATIO SEATIN out of their future roof:

i mean where else would i set my 2 p.m. margarita? (WHICH I WOULD SO HAVE RIGHT NOW IF I HAD A FUCKING BLENDER!)

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