homecoming FAIL

so homecoming itself was kind of a BUST but it was a great, relaxing weekend overall!

we took these guys to the kennel on friday afternoon where we were informed that they would need flu shots to be boarded (and the vet there could, of course, give them the shots for a, ahem, small fee.) I find it entertaining that my dogs have access to flu shots at their vet but my child does not at his pediatrician's office. something is wrong about that, yes?

the whole weekend was a pretty clear example of the many things that have changed since we have attained PARENT status. nate had a rough night of sleep in a new, exciting environment (read: he kicked us in the face all night long!) he is a TERRIBLE transfer baby (like from the car to the bed) so he woke up when we arrived and didn't want to go back down. He was up early to watch me and jenny complete the Tulsa Run! (a 5K - or 3.1 miles for the running-challenged) we ran with a chip time of 33:00 exactly - split time of 10:38! our goal was to break an 11 minute split so GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLL! it was a pretty challenging run - with a massive uphill late in the 2nd mile. we tried to pick out people to pass (little goals) as we huffed up the hill. i will say we didn't run terribly fast but we passed lots and lots of people. MOTIVATING. the winner of the race was 12 and several 6 year olds finished before us. UNMOTIVATING.

after the race, we changed and headed up to campus. the game was at 1 p.m. and on halloween weekend, so i attribute a partial fail to the university of tulsa. who wants to tailgate b/w 10 a.m. and noon-thirty? i know there were so many people there but i saw NONE of them b/c our total time on campus was about one hour.

Maddox and Jenny are cute, right? Jenny bought this duck costume FOUR years ago on one of her baby buying binges! How appropriate that it fits, right?

after an hour, the lack of nap and temptation of a football we wouldn't let nate have led to THIS:

which was REAL awesome. he did this pretty much the whole way to the car and then fell asleep the second we put him in his carseat. jenny and i went back home with the sleeping babies and shared a celebratory adult-beverage for finishing our race!

brooke joined us and the three of us relaxed and made dinner and spent some much needed quality time together.

we went to bed at 9:30. it was also daylight saving so REALLY we went to bed at 8:30 p.m.

we were up and dressed and at our breakfast destination (6 adults, two babies, and one inside baby!) by 8:00 AM.

by 8:39 AM karl and i were on the road home.



Ashley said...

Is it okay that my fave pictures of Nate are when he is having a complete meltdown? Because those are my fave. Maybe when I have my own kids I won't think they are so funny anymore :) I wish I could have seen you this weekend but, I will not lie, I laid in bed all day Saturday. Mostly because I didn't sleep a wink on Friday night. A little because I'm that lazy.

melissa said...

BOO! poor ol' nater. it's a good thing he's so cute. :)

congrats to you and jenny bug for running the 5k so quickly! it's certainly not something i could do. i'm proud proud proud of you both! xo

Chatty Fattie said...

I am in LOVE with the tantrum picture. I feel as if I have failed as a parent for not snapping a similar shot of Elizabeth at that age. Allah knows that there were a million opportunities to take such a picture...

Aubrey said...

That photo of Nate's meltdown is AWESOME. Karl's face is priceless. Sorry that homecoming wasn't all you had hoped and more. Life really does change after you have kids. :)

Lauryl Lane said...

Wow. See, posts like this aren't so encouraging to those of us contemplating parenthood in the somewhere near future. You're SUPPOSED to say that babies are all warm and cuddly and perfect all the time. Right? OMG though, Nate throwing a tantrum is a pretty hysterical sight. Oh, and little Maddox in his costume is too freaking cute. But the going to bed at 8:30 and eating breakfast at 8 the next morning? Not so cute. ;-)

PS> Yes, serious FAIL to TU. When I got their first email about homecoming, I was like, "WHAT? Who planned this?!?!?!"

Andrea said...

Understood about everything changing...we went to our first "adult" event last weekend and it was so off, so different...it's all about losing, regaining and redefining an identity and sense of self I think. Blah.

the day's said...

ahem....my children are 4 and 2, and t-minus 21 weeks....and NO!!! you never never NEVER get use to mornings....sigh!

Bethany said...

Great run! I ran with my dad (our splits were about 30 slower than your) he kept picking people to pass to keep me going!

sdhorton said...

I recognize that fir. Nash throws the same one when he is tired and cranky. Wouldn't be nice to do that from time to time when we feel like it? Way to go on the run. That's awesome. I suck a running.

sdhorton said...

apparently I suck at posting comments too. must proof read. got too much going on at one time.

Jax said...

So sad I didn't get to see you more, lover. After I saw you, I started to feel sicky (b/c I hadnt eaten) and may have puked in between two trucks. I'm serious. LOL! Don't tell anyone...except anyone reading this. Whoops. Whatever. I proceeded to walk back to Eric's tailgate and eat something to feel better then heard ya'll had left b/c of cranky babies. But I agree..the 1pm start time was weird and awkward. Next year, we'll have better luck. And Natersauce is pretty much adorabletastic.. I wish I would have gotten a photo of him trying to walk Gracie.. haha... Even the temper tantrumish photo made me say "awwwwww." My children are going to be terrors if I think that stuff is cute, huh? haha!

LondonLauren said...

oh wow. that picture of nate throwing a fit is hilarious. haha. poor little guy. i haven't seen jenny's baby...he's so cute!

Susan said...

I have never in my dog-owning life heard of a canine flu shot! WTF? Do they have to be pregnant of under 4? ha

I have to admit that I'm kinda glad to see Nate have a melt down. He's always so clam, laid back, and quiet when I'm around. Glad he's capable. My child is none of those adjectives!

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