illness and the antm finale

Wednesday is our standing girls night/antm watch party. I would like to share last nights menu:


feta cheese dip, cream cheese and dill dip, fried green beans, beenie weenies, two little ceasers pizzas, sweet potatoes casserole, pimento cheese dip, banana pudding, chocolate peanut butter pie, pumpkin cake/bread, a few boxes of chinese food (eggrolls!), and, um, is that all?

It was the best. I adore random potluck style, uh, meals (?) where no one talks about what they are going to bring. Big Fat Win.

AND it was a killer episode of ANTM to round out a super boring cycle of a show most people have stopped watching. (we are die hard! cycle 13 ya'll!)

I am recovering from some sort of illness of the throat, ears, head variety. Being sick with a very healthy, very active child is quite the challenge. (the STOP CLIMBING ON THE TABLE! commands have become very half hearted from my position of sad on the couch.) When i get sick (and, honestly, i'm not really sick sick just a little sickish.) i just want the world to leave me alone so i can curl up and sleep for two days. Then, I want to wake up, eat an entire Skeezers pizza, and shower. Then, I'm golden. Good to go. Good as gold. Ready to get back on the horse. Back in the game. Back in business. Uh, Back in the saddle? Ready to run? (What cheesy catch phrases am i missing here?)


melissa said...

gd the pot luck spreads have just gotten better and better over the course of time. i think we're really getting it figured out. although, i may have to stop eating altogether except on wednesdays if we keep it up with all the CHEESE and the POTATOES and the DESSERTS. :)

melissa said...

p.s. glad you're feeling better! xo

Lauryl Lane said...

all that cheesiness sounds so good. god, i do love cheese! hope you get to feeling better quickly!

brooke knight said...

wow. that is a random ass meal! meal? grouping of food items? they all sound good though! party food 4 lyfe! er something.

Anonymous said...

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jennifer said...

Did you seriously just quote the outsiders?

nicole said...

I knew Nicole was gonna win, but I was pulling for Laura. Us small town Southern girls gotta stick together, y'all!

P.S. All that food needs to be in my belly right now. JEALOUS.

P.P.S. Feel better soon! I had the SAME symptoms. Until you can see a doctor, get some Theraflu Severe Sinus Headache in White Tea/Honey Lemon flavor. It knocks you out. Make sure somebody else (Karl, what up?!) can keep an eye on tater tot. xo.

Ashley said...

o.m.g. i looooove cheeeeese!!! i have been wanting to want it for the past 2 months! haha. maybe one day soon i will be reunited!!