how could you not want another of these guys

thanks for all the babylove comments on my pregnancy thoughts... i like to document thoughts like those so i can laugh at myself five kids down the line (teasing!). we had a pretty low key weekend here in the great state of arkansas. we didn't get a whole lot accomplished, but it felt nice...kind of like the calm before the storm. (the storm being HOLIDAY TRAVELING MADNESS!)

this weekend we did have:

one skinned elbow... blood and everything! there's a cute little scab!
one slip in the bathtub resulting in a head bonk.
one scraped knee - more of the strawberry variety.
one basketball to the face.
a variety of other trips and tumbles.

i wouldn't say GRACE is his strong suite.

i'm getting much better at just cringing when these tumbles occur; though some of them still make my heart pitter patter unnaturally. i try desperately (and often fail) to let go of some of my, uh, over protectiveness when it comes to little running man. he is still somewhat of a cautious little fellow, but these days it feels like he throws caution to the wind more often!

we are working hard on boundaries and safety issues, but, uh, gulp. please god keep away the gushing blood and broken bones, uh, forever, or, well, at least another few years. i think i MIGHT be ready to handle it then.

also, please enjoy that first picture IMMENSELY and tell me how awesome it is because i had to LITERALLY sit in dog shit to get it. like, it was on my pants. the POOP was on the seat of my pants. (clearly, i didn't HAVE to sit in it; it was a cleverly-placed surprise!) thanks neighbors! if your dog finds it's way under my tires next week, SO SORRY! (clearly, i would never deliberately hurt their GD dog so don't get your panties in a bunch, but COME ON. who lets their dogs POOP in other peoples yards? and, yes, i am positive it is their dog.) Dog, Gun, Bang. (again, that was a joke people but i do want it OUT OF MY FRONT YARD WHERE I PLAY WITH MY ONE YEAR OLD.)

ahem. that got a little more ranty than anticipated.

anyway, our holiday storm begins sooner rather than later:

this coming week we have a concert, two birthday parties, two friendsgivings, and then on to the REAL turkey day. i am holding off on any christmas decor until after thanksgiving. we are contemplating the tree issue - i mean, is it even feasible to think that nate won't pull the tree down on his head or break/remove every ornament i attempt to place? we don't believe in fake trees, so i guess we have time to decide!

my bloggity bloggy blog goal is to take more pictures - and not just of Nate - this holiday season, so hopefully i will have some new fotos to share soon!


sdhorton said...

we had a great time playing with Nate on Friday. they are so much fun and super cute together. travel safe if we don't see you before then.

Maria said...

1. I love the first pic of Nate. More than I could tell you.

2. The Boy did quite well with a tree at two, but at one I did not put one up. Had there not been an ice storm, I would have put a felt one up on the wall with felt decorations that he could take down and move around. He did well with our friends' tree though while we lived with them, but they only put child friendly ornaments from child height and lower.

3. Did I say I love pic #1 of nate. And #2 too. OK. I love nate. I want him. Can I have him?

Lauryl Lane said...

did you just say that you don't believe in fake trees? i could kiss you! for some reason, not a SINGLE friend of ours out here in lalaland (obviously called that for a reason) gets a real tree. just us. i don't understand it. i'm all for being eco-friendly, but we dispose of our tree properly at the LA Zoo where it is cut into firewood or some such stuff. it's not christmas to me without a real christmas tree.

Aubrey said...

Don't hate the dog, hate the owner. Dogs gotta poop, but their owners are responsible for picking it up. Gun, neighbor, bang.

On second thought, hate the dog. I don't want you to go to prison for first degree murder.

P.S. You know what I did the other day? I googled murder. There was blood EVERYWHERE.

Aubrey said...

P.P.S. Did I just leave a comment about MURDER?! What the hell is wrong with me?!

Unknown said...

To Audrey, who I do not know: Here, here--a dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do, but the owner needs to curb that business. AND, I googled murder the other day, too, strangely. Specifically, murder in Little Rock. Grim stuff.

To Kat: I've been back-and-forth on the tree issue, too. I also do not believe in heinous fake plastic trees (unless as sung by Radiohead), and am more than a bit concerned about the safety issue with little-miss-stand-and-climb. But I think we're going to get one anyway, because every year that I say maybe we won't, I break down because I have to have one. And we don't even do the Jesus or the Santa of Christmas (I can feel Shannon praying for my soul now :). I'm thinking all cloth ornaments and no lights. But I do love the felt tree idea!

melissa said...

you can probably guess my feelings on the dog situation. tee hee. :)

i've always had a fake tree. i don't know what all the fuss is about.

nate = gorgeous


Ashley said...

How is Nate so freaking cute? I love him. I say put the tree up. Just don't hang ornaments where he can reach them. Maybe I say that becasue I don't have any kids (yet!). AND I LOVE fake trees!!! Yes, I said it! haha :)

The Smiths said...

Good gracious, thought I was looking at a little toeheaded Karl in the first picture! Safe holiday stays and travels!

Jennifer said...

I love his Sunday pictures so much. It's one of the things I love about Mondays. One of the only things for that matter.

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