sorry, i'll tone it down.

here's the thing about me: i HATE to diet. ok, it's not that i hate it, i simply SUCK at it. i don't think i have EVER done it successfully. (i'm not sure i have ever even tried that hard.) when it comes to food i have ZERO self control. (that's not entirely true.) and ZERO desire to do things like COUNT CALORIES or ADMIT MY PORTION SIZE might be a little, ah, SKEWED. additionally, i am not a big fan of sweets (I KNOW!) so things like candy and chocolate and ice cream sit untouched in our house for months. for some reason i feel like this gives me a free pass to eat all the soda and chips and bread i desire (SAAAAAALTY YUM YUMS.) in mass quantity. (oh. and cheese. mmmmmm cheese.) (and and and BEEEEEEEER.)

(maybe that is why i can't fit in the jeans i bought three months postpartum. who loses all their baby weight and then gains 10 or so back!? THIS GIRL!)

so when i'm feeling a little squishy, I MUCH PREFER TO OVER EXERCISE!! (like a lot.) (this morning i ran three miles and then at lunch i went to a cardio sculpt class which included a mile run as, ahem, a warmup.) i rejoined my old gym and re-started classes (gah - i love classes! group workouts are where it's AT!) this week to get me in full swing.

(i won't tell you about the part where i can barely sit down on the toilet b/c it HURTS SO BAD.)

(and that i can hardly pick up nate without cringing.)

(or that my abs may or may not be broken.)

(or that i totally love it when i am SUPAsore like that and get to creak around all day complaining and then slather myself in nasty ass icy hot and taco up in the covers to feel the burn!)

(this is the part where i tell you a secret, internet and friends!)

(and i won't even use parenthesis.)

(are you ready?)



karl and i have been (shhhhhhhhhhh) discussing the POSSIBILITY of another baby in 2010... well, maybe another baby but more likely another pregnancy in 2010 and a baby in 2011. we are just talking about it, mulling it over, trying to decide if this is the "RIGHT TIME" (HA!). i will say this: he is waaaaaaaaaaay more ready than i am. (shocking i know since it's my body that gets to do all the basting and, uh, expanding and then all that sweating and pushing.)

anyway, hence the increased motivation as of late! i refuse to give up my body (cause that is what you do.) as is. REFUSE. plus, i want to be able to work out during my next pregnancy as much as my first. and I was in MUCH better shape first go round.

so, there it is, friends. I SAID IT OUT LOUD. i might possibly kind of sort of maybe a little bit be ready to think about this whole pregnancy thing more seriously! (ish.)

what do you think? we'll make another cute kid, right? i'm thinking it's a boy.


Maria said...

I lost all the baby weight and was 10 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight, and I have gained all 10 pounds back. I think it was a good thing though. Me at under XXX pounds is bad for everyone.

sdhorton said...

oh i miss being able to exercise regularly. i loved feeling that way. maybe some day. not enough time now. oh and i think it's a girl and def super cute.

brooke knight said...

i am happy and proud of you! aaaand jealous. i hate working out. AND i hate dieting. but i do love that sense of satisfaction working out can bring. can't wait to see you all cute and k'd up again - but only when the time is right!

megan mcniff said...

you make me laugh. period. i heart gym classes as well. keep up the great workouts....it definitely is a great feeling. nothing like having muscles hurt that you never even knew you had. i can't wait to hear all about nate jr. (or nora....) whenever that time is. :)

the day's said...

lovely workout routine dear. not go enjoy yourself a big poo burger! ;)
thanks for a fun night!

Jennifer said...

um clearly the next one is gonna be a girl.

Aubrey said...

You and your "exercise." (I use quotation marks because I have only heard of it spoken of in theoretical terms. It does not exist in real life...at least in my house.) But I definitely understand the salt/cheese/beer love. I don't know why I don't weigh a zillion pounds.

BRING ON THE BABIES! Nick was ready for numero dos way before me too. But it turned out marvelously! I vote boy. TEAM BLUE!

Sarah H. said...

I do not diet and I do occasionally 'think' about working out, but it never materializes. :( Please get pregnant right now!!! It's totally going to be girl...we've been on a boy binge...we're due! Tutus and bows, here we come :)

melissa said...

this whole post would be nothing without that label. well played, sir. xo

Ashley said...

I do not understand this not being a fan of sweets business. What does that mean exactly? That phrase is foreign to me. I wish that I was one or the other; either sweets or salty. But no, I am both. I do not discriminate when it comes to food.

Yaaay for starting to think about the next baby!! And, it will be a girl, I'm pretty sure of that :)

Anonymous said...

HI!! I enjoy the same foods too. Burgers, fries, bread, salt!! I would much rather have a greasy morsel than sweets. As a result, I must hustle in the gym since I have no self-control with food. :(((( If only I could get a handle on that. In addition, my lovely Father told me last time he was in town visiting me 'you cant out-train a bad diet'. UGGGH! OH well I am going to try. Gchat soon! xoxo ALOVE

Kate said...

nice transition there from blanket taco to baby making. ha! TMI about what's going on under your sheets.


Richmond Rookie said...

LOVE the label. Oh, Elle. You slay me! I totally relate to the diet thing. Much like we say in the dental office: you can't brush enough to have a sugar habit; you can't work out enough to eat like a cow. And yet, moo I say, MOO!

Melissa Brannan said...

Ha ha! I LOVE your post..... especially the legally blonde reference! :) You will for sure be back in shape with your next pregnancy. You remember during your first when you could nap every time you felt tired..... well that is gone and second pregnancies are all about chasing toddlers while you're tired. I actually LOST weight in my second pregnancy first trimester. It'll be fine and I'll be anxiously awaiting seeing your cute little frame with another bun in that oven! We can always get our bodies back in our 30s.... or better yet 40s!! :)

Lauryl Lane said...

haha! i love it. i want to be in shape before i ever (if ever) get pregnant, so i totally hear you. but i vote for girl. one of each is so perfect. ;-)

Susan said...

Shut up. You're back with Amy and didn't tell me. I'm mad. You cheater!

Anonymous said...

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