no blonde jokes here

so, I know I need to cut Nate's hair (again) BUT I JUST CAN'T.

First of all, when I envisioned my little boy (because i knew it was a boy KARL.) back in the days when a baby was just a glimmer in our eyes and not a string of NONONONONO cusswordcusswordcussword LETMEWIPEYOURNOSE STOPRUNNING, I always thought he would have this GORGEOUS, WAVY/CURLY (not too much of either) perfectly brunette toddler hair. (I also allowed it to have the ability to look perfectly tousled after hours of playing or fresh from a nap. Clearly.) Fast forward to, uh, NOW. So not the case. This child's hair is straight as the straightest straight line (too many straights?). And, you may have noticed, it is SUPA blonde. Like, it keeps getting BLONDER (if that is possible?) Karl was blonde as a child but didn't have as much hair, and I was blonde-ish. I shall find photo evidence to show you. And it grows SUPA fast. It keeps growing and growing and growing and we keep cutting it here and there (and every week) BUT I DONT WANT TO cut it anymore. I don't care if it's falling in his eyes. It makes a cute little emo sweep. PLUS, I know it is not going to be blonde forever (surely not, right?) and I want to giggle at that shock of blonde as long as possible. (Additionally, I BUTCHERED the back a few weeks ago and am terrified to try again.)

It's not just the hair either. He keeps getting TALLER and TALLER. (but not chunkier; never was a chunky one. boo.) And he can reach doorknobs and he says things like "Up please." (which sounds like APEE APEE but whatEVER - i know what he is saying!) And he does things. Like I will say "Turn in a circle" and HE WILL. Or "Fall down" and HE WILL. Or "JUMP!" and he will... well he doesn't actually leave the ground. Or "Dance!" and he will. (There are more but these are the most entertaining - particularly 'FALL DOWN' as it is usually accompanied by some log rolling.) Sometimes I am amazed at the words he says (donkey?!?!) He can point out and say A, B, M, O, Y, I solidly and will repeat pretty much every other letter. He likes to point at letters on signs (see above photo) and papers and say them outloud (well, often, he just says 'M' but, hey, he recognizes they are letters and that's good, right?) He knows yellow, blue, and green and will repeat other color names when prompted.

Shit, let's face it, he will repeat WHATEVER you say.

(What? Is shit not an appropriate word there? Am I going to have to start SPELLING cuss words?! S-H-I-T!)

I don't have a lot more to say today, other than it's REAL happy and REAL sad to see your babies grow and I felt like documenting some of it on the ole bloggity today. I am having a low-key week this week - trying to get out Christmas cards and pretend to Christmas shop online whilst Nate naps. It's been a bit of a long week (Happy Wednesday!), and I am already looking forward to the weekend.


melissa said...

look at that kid. *sigh*

i didn't imagine him with blond hair, either. then again, my predictions couldn't really be taken seriously because i definitely saw him as a HER when he was still in your belly.

he is growing up fast, that's for sure. the good news is, he is still the cutest kid on the block. :) xo

Chandle said...

He looks adorable. I also am the world's worst wrapper. David makes fun of me.

Jax said...

He's adorabletastic! Just sayin... And my hair was that blonde as a toddler but then got way darker as I got older. *sigh* I think God intended me to be a blonde so I keep it that way. ;) And while I didn't see you with a little blondie baby originally, I couldn't see you with anyone else but Nater now! He's such a freaking cutie!

Anonymous said...

I like Naters shirt :) and dont cut his hair let it grow!! Look at Kate Hudson's child...he is an adorable hippy :) xoxo alove

Aubrey said...

I love that hair. I can't wait for the day that your little parrot busts out the cuss words. The one and only time Ella said "damn it" was on a video call to Nick's parents. They all just LOOKED at ME. Awwwwwk-ward!

nicole said...

I love the stick-straight blonde locks. He's pretty much the cutest kid ever, and he keeps getting cuter as he gets older. You and Karl did good, mama.

Elizabeth Spann said...

I love his sweet little face. Even with dirt on it. Maybe even more then. :)

Andrea said...

I'm also fascinated with my baby's hair. My hair is almost black and my hubby was a toe-headed baby, like Nater.

It's like an obsession. We have him rock his baby mohawk like all the time.

Also, I COMPLETELY panic when thinking about cutting Hank's hair! He's starting to get little sideburns and a tail in the back.

And I love his straight hair. Looks so "mod".

the day's said...

i cannot comment. my son is a full year older than nate...and had his very first haircut saturday!! i feel ya...call me next week, we will oooh and ahhh over our beautiful boys (and miss v) together over some delish coffee and chocolate! :)

Our Happy Married Life... said...

your son is adorable. wine club is basically our girls night for 5 of us in my running group. we call ourselves the "fab 5" and once a month we all get together at someone's house and have dinner and wine. It's definitely FAB! you should totally start one! :)