head: it's like an orange on a toothpick

so one of my favorite things about Nate going to 'school' once a week is the CRAFTS that come home with him. (Allegedly, he makes them.) This beaut (pictured above) graced his diaper bag last week - it was wrapped and everything. I tore that christmas wrapping right off the second nate was buckled in his carseat. Needless to say, I laughed out loud. (LOLed ya'll.) It's not so much the craft that got me - it's a perfectly adorable foamy ornament. It's the picture. EXTREME CLOSE UP. Like, it kind of looks like a drivers license photo (no smiles allowed!), or maybe a mug shot. My son, the future dexter columbian drug dealer OHGODLETSNOTEVENGOTHERE. Clearly, my (non-columbian) child will forever be a model, law-abiding citizen. (Not that if you are Columbian or in any way related to or friends with anyone from Columbia are you a drug-related criminal. For the record. Ahem.) ANYWAY: Nate will (obvs) file his taxes correctly and will not even steal so much as a pack of gum in his lifetime. CLEARLY.

Anyway, the point is: I LOVE THIS FREAKING ORNAMENT. It invokes many a So I Married an Axe Murderer quotes (It has its own weather system!) (That's a HUGE noggin!). It has a place of honor on this year's tree (and by place of honor I mean it sits higher up than he can reach it!). Some days he will point at it and say "Nate" and I'm all - that's YOU!!! (and your HEEEED.) Snicker.

Here are a few more shots of Nate and I just mere hours ago: (breaking pictures! alert your friends and family!) Please note the lack of Christmas presents (those bags are empty and left over from our party!) under the tree. This is partially so Nate will not get into them but MOSTLY b/c not one (other than those ordered wrapped) is wrapped. And some (shhhh) are not even purchased yet. GASP. THE HORROR.

eh, we're not too worried. there is still time, right? HA.


brooke knight said...

you look super hot! and i have some last-minute gifts to get too. it sucks. of course i have something for you and nate because i always buy yours pretty much first. and i meant to give it to you when you were here. and i didn't. you'll probably get it in july....

megan mcniff said...

Heed, fetch pants now....and you're not supposed to stay up WAY late on x-mas eve, watching "a x-mas story" wrapping gifts?? what?? i don't think i would function well in a procrastination-less world.
PS: you should name your girl harriet. sweet harriet.

Jax said...

hahaha! You look adorable and so does he! Love love LOVE the ornament and all the references that come with the mug shot/drivers license photo of his adorable little face! :) You look GUHREAT and his little jammies make me want some footed pjs! ha! :)

Lauryl Lane said...

hahaha!!! you guys are super cute, but the pic of nate IS, admittedly, a bit "deer in the headlights." and your aside to anyone who might be reading your blog and also be columbian CRACKED ME UP. for realz.

sdhorton said...

the ornament turned out cuter than i imagined. also you look great!

Aubrey said...

So cute. Love that ornament. Want to make one for each of the girls. Wonder where I could get that foam in Germany...

Totally random aside. I just heard of an actual couple named Nate and Kate. :)

mercurial mary said...

It's got its own MOONS! He'll be crying himself to sleep on his wee pillow!

merry christmas!

Stacia said...

I love the ornament...so many more to come :)

Chatty Fattie said...

Head! Paper! Now!

Jennifer said...

Um that is my favorite thing ever. I will be contacting Nate's school to see what I have to do to get one for my house. It's so freaking awesome.

Susan said...

If it truly is 2 boys in my womb...Seth's brothers have already nicknamed them "felony" and "misdemeanor." Sweet uncles, huh? And neither are Columbian either!
P.S. You look cute in your long sweater and jeans.
P.S.S. I love the crafts as well. I was so impressed the first week, I took a pic of his art and put it on the blog!

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