well thank god that's over with!

Nah - I am teasing.

Christmas eve and Christmas day were both wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

...Even when my father-in-law and his wife called at 4:00 on Christmas Day (after we had been celebrating all day) to push Christmas Day dinner back from 5:30 to 7:30. Thanks for the notice. My cranky, overstimulated 18 month old child would LOVE to start dinner at his bedtime! Honestly, it wound up being fine. Karl and I gulped down a LARGE glass of wine each and made do. Nate was (surprisingly) better there than he was anywhere else - Karl and I were kind of hoping for a tantrum or a meltdown so we could be all SEE? IT'S PAST HIS BED TIME!?! WE HAVE TO LEAVE!, but that was not the case. He ran around all happy like for an hour and even ate dinner. Sigh.

It's just A THING with Karl's dad and his wife.


One Christmas several years ago, they were over two hours late to a Christmas dinner - I believe it was the week before Christmas actually - at a restaurant here in Little Rock. By the time they arrived at the restaurant (never called to say they were running late) (and all the other patrons were leaving), Karl and I had consumed two bottles of wine and were working our way through a third. I don't remember much about dinner BUT I do remember when we got home that Karl left me on the kitchen floor where I wanted to cuddle with Arlo (I'm sure I was being obstinate about it; Karl doesn't make it a habit to leave me passed out places...not that I do that, erm, often.) and I woke up completely alone (thanks ARLO) and freezing on the floor around 4 a.m and spent the next day alternating between sleeping and puking. MERRY CHRISTMAS FOLKS! Hahaha. Ah, holiday memories!

2009 was much less dramatic. As mentioned in previous posts, we stayed in town, so there was no packing (hooray!) and no driving (hooray!) and no flying. There was no snow (hooray!) but there was much rain (eh.). We didn't really "do Santa" with Nate. I don't know, I mean I guess we did? As in we gave him some presents when we woke up Christmas morning, but we didn't necessarily say "these are from Santa" or build up the whole Santa thing too much. He is obsessed with his Little People (that are NOT so little anymore by the way!) Farm. He got some other fun stuff, we got some fun stuff, we had fun with our families. (Dare me to use the word FUN again? FUN.)

We were able to Skype (video chat) with my family in St. Louis quite a bit, including a nice loud call with EVERYONE on Christmas Eve. Here is a photo of Nate showing my sister his new track hoe. It was real fun teaching him to say track hoe. I don't really know what a track hoe is or what it does so I hope he never asks. Please excuse our outfits. We were cleaning. That is my imagetcrazywithsomecleaningproducts shirt.


Aubrey said...

I love that you are unapologetic about not being a holiday nut. It's refreshing. Merry Christmas, Grinchy Scroogey. :)

Hooray for no packing, flying, or sleeping in strange beds...or on kitchen floors...

melissa said...

i sooo sympathize with the scheduling-dinners-at-bedtime problem. 7:30 used to be a perfectly civilized hour for dinner; now it's a formula for screaming (her AND me) in the middle of olive garden. it's hard for other people to appreciate that sometimes.

Leslie Robus said...

Come on you got to meet kesley too. that should have made everything better. :-) it was great to see you all!!!

Lauryl Lane said...

No packing, no driving, no flying, no sleeping in strange beds or living our of your suitcase... it's sort of WONDERFUL, isn't it? A whole new way of doing Christmas, and I'm a FAN. Glad your holiday was so FUN! ;-)

Stacia said...

Just wait until you teach him dump truck...ummm Jacob's came out as dumb ****
not cool...lol