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I've been performing a little science experiment on my own pretty little head.

I have been patiently waiting for my (dove) shampoo and conditioner to run out, so I can go 'poo-less.' Today is Day Seven of the NO SHAMPOO and NO CONDITIONER experiment. Let me rephrase that. I have been washing my hair. Just not with your, ah, typical shampoo products? For shampoo, I have been using a mix of baking soda and water (1.5 tbs to 1 cup of water). For conditioner, I have been using a mix of apple cider vinegar (1tbs) and water (1 cup). I found the ratios here. (Thanks to Maria and Brooke for inspiration!)

I have to say my hair has not behaved this well in YEARS. I finally feel like I am doing something right with it! This excites me to no end. It hasn't even had much of an "adjustment period" and it's WAAAAAAAY less frizzy than normal. It feels a little heavier but it is behaving so much better and it seems to dry MUCH faster. Additionally, my scalp has been a tad itchy, but nothing terribly noticeable and I expect that to go away soon. SERIOUSLY I can not express to you how awesome this is for me and how I wish I had tried it earlier. (My hair is thick and frizzy and dry and THERE IS A LOT OF IT. As a general rule, I only wash it every other day. And I don't use a blow dryer very often.)

With the poo-lessness you are supposed to be able to wash it less and less and less (I am washing everyday right now.) and some people eventually are able to just rinse with water, but I'm not sure I will ever get there. My only future concern is the smell - like you know how when you have been playing outside/running and your hair gets that (metallicey? outdoorsy?) scent to it? How do I avoid that? Anyone? Anyone? Maybe I shall cross that bridge when I get to it - YOU WILL TELL ME IF MY HAIR SMELLS, RIGHT?

Now I can't decide if I should cut it all off like I intended to do at the first of the year!
This experiment has made me want to wear it all long and hippy dippy for awhile! I'm going to give it at least two more weeks before I decide.

Self involved hair post ends NOW!



Maria said...

Wash it after you work out and it won't smell any more than if you had used shampoo. Well, I would say it will smell LESS since you won't be piling on chemical scents! :)

Sarah said...

boosh. i like this. i am curious. i might try it, i am not sure. i am definitely intrigued. coolness. and your hair looks gorgeous.

Brooke said...

A solution you might try for the itchy scalp is to massage a little conditioner onto the itchy spots. Conditioner has all the "soap" your hair needs, while shampoo is actually a detergent. Or something like that. I was having some itchy spots, and I started applying conditioner more directly onto my scalp, and it really helped. With my crazy curly hair, I can't go without conditioner and product, but it really has helped to ditch the shampoo.

nicole said...

Doubtful I could make the switch; I love my shampoo and conditioner too much, BUT your hair looks amazing! And I like you as a hippy dippy Earth Mom!

Maria said...

Oh, and besides the tip I emailed you yesterday, you might try reducing the baking soda or increasing the ACV in order to find the right balance for your scalp and hair. My head was itchy at first too, but once I got the right mix for my scalp/hair, it went away. That and like I said yesterday-- rinse extra long. :)

Lauryl Lane said...

Your hair looks BOOtiful! There is no way I could get away with that- my hair is fine and thin and uber greasy and needs a good washing every day. But I love the idea of using household products to wash your hair instead of all the chemicals that are in most hair products. Cool!

brooke knight said...

cool! didn't know you were doing this! looks beauuutiful!

Angela said...

Very interesting! Your hair looks great.

Susan said...

Your hair grows faster than anybody I know. I know want long hair. I've watched lots of movies this holiday break...and all the lead girls have long, flowing, gorgeous hair. Bet they don't have a 3 year old and newborn twins though (thinking ahead 6 mo.)!
Seriously, The Proposal-Sandra Bullock, The Accidental Husband-Uma Thurman, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past-Jennifer Gardner.....all long locks...

Meredith said...

No WAY. I am so intrigued by this! I wonder if it'd be good for girls who have thin, stringy hair. My guess is probably not. But it definitely works for you--nice!

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