Wrapping Paper Continued...

Karl and I took Nate to his 18 month well check up at the doctors this morning. I, ah, confess: We let Nate play with the nasty toy table thingey in the waiting area... something that, every time I have visited the doc office, I swore I would NEVER do (ha. never say never - my one piece of parenting advice!) until I had a loud, rambunctious and uber wiggley 18 month old boy that I would give my germ-infested right arm to if it meant he would stop moving for twenty seconds. Aforementioned table was in the "well child," ah, section of the room (Because the germs can not travel from the blue chairs to the red chairs in the same room. Clearly.). It kept him entertained briefly. Surely it's fine, right? I washed his hands the second we got to the exam room. (I swear I try not to be a germ phobe but the pedi's office makes me NERVOUS. We all have our things! I promise I let him roll around in dirt and eat sticks and jump in puddles on a regular basis.)

Anyway, once we got into the exam room, we let him rip up the paper on the table and throw it in the trashcan. He thought it was the best. thing. ever. It was JUST LIKE CHRISTMAS! (Er, well opening Christmas presents from other people, because we didn't actually wrap our gifts to Nate.) The appointment was nice and boring - just the way I like them! Nate is 26 pounds and 33 inches. Tall and skinny. Huh. Weird. Wonder where that's from. He is meeting and/or exceeding his 18 month old milestones. Since we had delayed a few vaccinations, he did have to get shot up a bit, but stopped crying with the help of some, um, Wintergreen Altoids, my new bribery technique! (That totally works. Don't judge.)

Happy and Healthy. Thanks for listening (er, reading?)!


melissa said...


i mean, i'm not a mama, but i really think that anyone who says they neeeeever bribe their child a little is lying. and that's that.

glad mr. boots is happy and healthy!

sdhorton said...

I hate the doctor's office with all the coughing, sneezing, snotty kids running around. I make Nash do the foam germ X stuff several times and I do it too. I bribe Nash with a sucker. That works. Also try entertaining him with videos on my phone of him doing various things. His last visit he got into rolling the doctor's stool around. That works for a little bit.

Jax said...

YAY for happy and healthy! And hilarious about him ripping up the paper in the doc's room.. awesome.. I love reading all your posts about what you thought you'd do versus the realities of parenting b/c I totally think things like "my kid will never touch x, y, or z.." and then I get a passing thought of "yeah, I'll likely be okay with it..." haha..:)

Maria said...

TB's 3 year check was last week, and I intentionally made the appointment for first thing in the morning to avoid the germs. I hate going there too...every doctor's office for that matter.

Glad to hear Nate's healthy. He's going to pass TB up pretty soon. :)

Kate said...

I hear ya. I'm no germaphobe normally. But I swear that 9 times out of 10 Georgia goes into the doc's office with something like a diaper rash and comes out with something like the plague.

Glad he's healthy!