You say you want a resolution....weeeeeell you know

Twenty Ten Resolutions:

NUMERO UNO: To use the phrase "to be perfectly frank" more often. (And then to actually be perfectly frank.)

So, to be perfectly frank, I don't really do resolutions cause they'd be all: 1. Loose one half of body weight. 2. Stop eating. 3. Don't spend more than $5 a week. 4. Pay off mortgage. 5. Read every book in the library. 6. Tell everyone I know how wonderful they are ALL THE TIME! (via handwritten post of course!) 7. Have eight babies. 8. Run a marathon twice a week. 9. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro. 10. Save all the orphans in THE WORLD.

What? I like to think BIG! (And UNREALISTIC!)

Where did the 'resolution' concept come from anyway? The thing is I really like to set attainable goals but the pressure of it being a NEW YEARS RESOLUTION (and that you have to have like forty of them) gets me all freaked. I have been reading quite a few resolutions of online friends (not you) and I can't help but wonder how long will they stay resoluted? (That's a new word - resoluted.)

So, I do have a few - most of them revolve preeettty strictly around myself (is that wrong?). Like one is: 4. Get hair cuts more than once every year. And number 12. USE SEWING MACHINE i resolved to use last Christmas (see? A FAILED RESOLUTION!!) and 27. Use proper capitalization techniques on my blog (though it kills me and I want to type in all lowercase ala e.e. cummings ALL THE TIME). And 45. Continue Wednesday morning runs with my friend Julie.

Honestly, (AWW CRAP. I mean 'to be perfectly frank') I am not going to put a lot of pressure on myself to keep any of them, but it was fun to make a list. I really just have great feelings about 2010. I'm excited to say goodbye to 2009. I want to use 2010 to focus on treating myself better, treating my marriage better, and trying to find a better work/life balance for all three of us. (Oh, and NOT TRAVELING. YOU HEAR THAT UNIVERSE? NOT TRAVELING THIS YEAR.)

What do you do friends? Do you make em? Do you write em down? Do you hate it when I type in all lowercase? I REALLY, REALLY MISS IT.


sarabethjones said...

Kat, I must admit that I do love when you type in lowercase, but I love it even more when you type in UPPERCASE!

So add that one to the list for me, ok? THANKS!

sdhorton said...

don't mind the lowercase. it seems less formal. don't have any resolutions really other than wanting to start getting on the treadmill more and be more consistent with it. so far so good.

the day's said...

wtf? does this mean i have to stop with the all lowercase? ugh....let ME be frank...i ain't even gonna try. now the sewing machine thingy...call me, we will team sew! ;)

Richmond Rookie said...

I truly believe you WILL one day read all the books in the library, whether you mean to or not.

Aunt Becky said...

I totally make 'em. But not as like a "I will cure baldness and cancer" kind of way because OBVIOUSLY Ima fail there. MOSTLY.

Jax said...

Funny.. I feel ya on the "dont spend more than 5 dollars a week" and other unrealistic ones..haha... :) I've decided to set "goals" instead of resolutions. Resolutions sound whoa..haha

Lauryl Lane said...

Um, no, I don't do resolutions. I'd rather surprise myself by doing great things than disappoint myself by not realizing my resolutions. ;-)

And I don't mind the lowercase writing. I do it a lot. But then my Mum tells me it's unprofessional and I should quit. So I try to write properly... sometimes...

Kate said...

love lowercase.
love resolutions. they don't scare me one bit.
they're only a bad thing if you beat yourself up for failing, which I don't. (beat myself up, that is. I'm not saying I never fail.)

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