tree. tree. tree. tree. tree. tree.

Well it sounds more like 'teeeeee' when nate says it but whatever.

Trying to keep nate distracted with water colors quickly went awry.

My mother-in-law and i started this felt creation LAST YEAR for nate - an advent / 25 days of christmas calendar for itty bitty everyday gifts to celebrate and get excited (like, uh, cars he already owns? individual crayons? grapes?). we weren't in a rush to get it done b/c, well, he was only 6 months old at the time so we didn't think he would notice. Honestly, he probably won't notice too much this year, but we are going to give it a go. Needless to say, today, december 1, 2009 (JUST UNDER DEADLINE!) i finished it! (like, literally, just now. the fabric glue is still drying as i type. i was hoping none of the pockets would slide off as i photographed it upright for this blog post!)

it was copied inspired from this pottery barn kids thingey - we thought we'd try it ourselves. i kind of love it a lot. i free-handed and cut the tree and mary kay stuffed it with batting and stitched it up. we each made pockets - about half and half. it's definitely not perfect and looks like a home made crafty craft, and that is why i love it the most. i hope nate will love it for at least a few years! suggestions on what to put inside all those pockets?

this post is mama-licious, eh?


Angela said...

I love it! And I want one.

Lauryl Lane said...

that's adorable! as for what to put in the pockets... candy? ugh. i'm going to be a terrible mother. ;-)

sdhorton said...

it's adorable and a great idea. you could do some of those little suckers that he likes or other little treats.

Chatty Fattie said...

Condoms would fit nicely, and would accelerate the safe sex talk. You can never have it too early.

Cigarettes, matches, lighters, cock rings...all lovely and perfectly sized gifts.

Richmond Rookie said...

I'll stick with the consensus: adorable. Sugar-free candy, potato peeler, play dough, deodorant, iTunes gift card. These are things I plan to put in my mother's stalking. I think Nate would enjoy too. Sorry you are still ill:(

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that!! I might copy it next year! And I laughed a couple minutes too long when you talked about putting toys he already owns in it :) He probably wouldn't notice. You should go to the dollar store or search those dollar bins at Target, they always have cute random stuff that I would love to get but have no need for, like crayons and coloring books and stickers. I mean, actually I would like a coloring book, but whatever.

Sorry you're still sick :(

Becca said...

Those little sponge animals that come in capsules (you have to put them in warm water for them to "hatch"). I think Michaels or hobby lobby has 'em.
Love the tree!

melissa said...

look at you, supermom! i love it! don't put anything in the pockets. sometimes life isn't fair.

you know i'm kidding, right?

brooke knight said...

it's sooooooo cute. i like the idea of the cars. i for real love it. the polka dot pocket might be my fave that i can see without zooming.

Nanna said...

How about some little Christmas ornaments, or one of the little snow globes with his name on it, a picture of you and one of Karl in a Santa hat, and of course pictures of grandparents! You know how special they are. Things he already has is a great idea! He'll probably put somethings of his own desire back in the pockets! I'll see if I can find a "Christmas Pickle". LOVE IT! You are a super mom.

Aubrey said...


Will you make me one? :)

Unknown said...

I heart it so much. ummm how about a DOG?


Susan said...

I'm impressed. No, seriously, I really am.

Bethany said...

I love it! You could put little boxes in raisens in the pockets, Parker gets pretty excited about raisens!

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