un-pc parenting

Santa on the pjs and a book about Indians? (clearly, it's the I book!)


I shall remove both influences immediately.

And, SURPRISE!, a picture of nate not sleeping! (aw, he's a good sleeper; just of the i-only-need-ten-hours-total variety!)

Even after we did this half the day:

i have been busy trying to not die and catching up on the freelance work that is turning out to not really be worth my time! we are in town this weekend - though nate and i might be making a quick trip (mmmmmmm QuikTrip! i'll get that too!) to Tulsa to meet Parker sometime REAL SOON.


Lauryl Lane said...

haha! i want to meet PARKER!!!

Aubrey said...

Someone told me once that children of above average intelligence need less sleep. :)

sdhorton said...

love the christmas pj's. nash has some similar. Nate looks so big laying next to Karl.

melissa said...

santa pjs ftw. puddle jumping ftw. hills fam ftw. win win win. xo

Jax said...

haha.. I see why you started the coffee thing to keep up with this little ball of energy! :)