Rhode Island: neither a road nor an island. Discuss.

So I, um, have a confession to make. Maybe not a confession but more of an admission... or a SHARING if you will...a discussion for the group (you being 'the group,' my internet friends).

Here goes:

At (almost) 29, I have started drinking coffee.

All my life, I have scoffed (it's true!) at coffee drinkers. I wondered if they really NEEDED that beverage to get them going... if it truly MADE A DIFFERENCE in people's mornings or late afternoons. Also, I have somewhat of an addictive personalty (soda, cigarettes, sunflower seeds, fingernails) and little will power to resist so I have always been wary of the espresso bean. Plus, well, I think coffee tastes like ass.

UNTIL a few weeks ago.

(and I am sure the more hard core of the coffee drinkers out there will mock me and this story.)

I'm not a huge Starbucks person (because, well, as mentioned, I HATE(d) COFFEE!). And it's ridiculously expensive. I would get the occasional frappachino b/c, well, they kind of taste like a cold candy milkshake with lotsa (fattening!) whip on top. Who wouldn't like that? Anyway, my mom, THE COFFEE DRINKER OF ALL COFFEE DRINKERS, sent me a Starbucks giftcard when I mentioned this occasional habit to her. One morning before Nate's Little Gym glass (It's always on Thursdays in the early AM; girls night is Wednesday night, so I usually need a little pick me up and sometimes a breakfast soda just doesn't cut it!). The fated words were spoken (and I quote!), "Would you like to try our new Caramel Brulee Latte?" I said YES because my throat hurt and warm sounded soothing and blah blah blah. It was the most amazing thing I have ever tasted (well, that's a little much but it's REAL good.) and I was all LETS DO SOMERSAULTS and then GO CLEAN THE HOUSE and RUN FOUR MILES. Over the next two weeks, I frequented good ole Starbucks every day. (There are a surprising number of Starbucks in Little Rock!) My gift card ran out and I started to use my own funds! Addiction started!

Yesterday, I decided ENOUGH and went and bought some coffee at the store. I'm not lying here when I tell you I had to have Karl dig out the coffee pot out of the very back of our pantry. (and that it is a sad little four cupper.) I believe we have only used it once? twice? And only because company was in town. Karl brewed coffee this morning (because, clearly, I don't know how! working on that!). I definitely bought some flavored kind of bean and i put lots of milk and some caramel vanilla creammate thingey. honestly, i am not sure if it could even be considered "coffee" when I was done doctoring it, but it did the trick. Addiction is a GO!

so, suggestions of brands and flavors to buy? IMA BE A (two-headed?!?) COFFEE QUEEN. (i know, what?!!)
yes, i realize the utter ridiculousness and dullness of this post and pictures. it's just IM ALL HOPPED UP ON COFFFFFFFFFFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.


Unknown said...

Dude. You know they make those warm, fatty, delicious lattes in decaf, right? And if you've never been a coffee drinker, you can't tell the difference? I guess it's a little late, from the sound of it! Hilarious.

Ashley said...

This make me so very happy. And not just becasue the title is awesome. I love coffee. You should definitely try the Butter Toffee flavor from Gloria Jeans. Is there a Gloria Jenas there? If not, I will seriously mail it to you. It.is.DElicious!!!

And you will be very sad that you started this addiction when you do get pregnant again. It will be a sad day (well you know, execpt for the ohmygod a BABY!!! part). And let me tell you that decaf does NOT taste the same, as I very sadly found out. Although I'm on the fence about the caffiene thing while pregnant. I still drink Coke whenever I want. And my dr said that I should just have a cup of coffee in the morning. I'm just afraid to start the coffee again, because one cup is never enough, clearly.

Angela said...

this post made me smile. I totally read the title in the Linda Richman accent and then said "talk amongst yourselves".

And I still can't do coffee. Yuck.

Sarah H. said...

I too HATE coffee, however I frequent Panera or Starbucks to get a Cafe Mocha at least a couple times a week. It's chocolaty and I get whipped cream OF COURSE. Then, only if I'm desperate, do I pour a cup of coffee at work and DUMP sugar and coffee mate in until it's acceptable! Plain coffee tastes like poo.
Thanks, Managment

Sarah H. said...

I promise I know how to spell Management(being management and all). ugh

Stacia said...

oh how I have tried....it's just gross to me! don't ping off the walls ;)

brooke knight said...

Muah ha ha. The evil has infected you! i was pretty hard-core into my coffee until i got pregnant but i didn't find it too hard to wean myself of it. now i am back on a cup a day of the sugarey milky variety! :)

Our Happy Married Life... said...

I just came across your blog and absolutely have to comment on this post! First of all, I just became a huge coffee drinker too. I was, in fact, annoyed that we got a coffee maker for our wedding and personalized coffee cups because I.DO.NOT. drink coffee. I was your random starbucks girl too and would have it maybe once every couple of months. Fast forward to 2 weeks ago when i went to Starbucks with a friend and they asked if we'd like to try the peppermint white mocha. Of course we did! I was obsessed! Then, I noticed in the grocery store the other day that they have peppermint mocha creamer (coffeemate) and I HAD to buy it. The starbucks addiction was getting a little out of hand and I thought I could make my own. Let me tell you, it's delicious! I had my husband teach me how to make coffee (sad but true) and now I drink it every morning. I heard that the peppermint creamer is seasonal and i was so irritated I contacted coffee mate online and they said starting this year its going to be year round. It usually only came out Nov-Jan before. Super happy!!! Anyway, that's my coffee story...Look forward to reading more! :)

sdhorton said...

too funny. i remember you used to say you hated coffee and then our last play date you had Starbucks. i wondered what happen in between. I too have been getting an occasional starbucks (got one today) because i heart their white chocolate mocha. but they are super expensive to make a habit out of. i do half caf so i am not so jacked up on it. i mainly just do the regulary coffee at work with good creamer. i have actually asked from santa my very own single serve maker at home because my four cup on is pretty pitiful and doesn't quite do the trick. welcome to the coffee drinking club.

nicole said...

We drink the cheap but decent Eight o' Clock coffee at our house. No flavored beans. I add half-and-half, sugar, and cinnamon. Mmm.

Welcome to the club. As they say, coffee drinkers are better thinkers.


Susan said...

Ironically a friend on facebook commented on Starbucks Brulee coffee today and got me interested. Now I'll definitely have to give it a try! My addiction started after Setler. I HAVE to have flavored coffeemate though or it's a NO-GO! I was worried about my "must have a couple cups a morning" addiction when I got preggo, but oddly, I haven't wanted it since. I've switched to oj at present.

Anonymous said...


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the day's said...

ditto on the addiciton issues...so have NEVER given in to the coffee. even when i was working night shifts at ach. if the third kid doesn't push me over the edge...i think it can safely be said i have avoided said addiction. ;)
oh and i am SO glad i avoided the cigarette addiction, tonight at the grocery store i saw they were on SALE for $52 dollars a carton. ouch!!

Sarah said...

i used to be addicted to girts, sometimes think i could arrange to be again ... i won't, but sometimes there is that hankering.

i go off and on with coffee. currently on strong.

nails. what nails?

i too have an addictive personality. scary.

Meredith said...

I'm not a big coffee drinker but I do love the white chocolate mocha at Starbucks (I believe it was 1 billion calories). We have a coffee pot somewhere that has never been used in our 2 years of marriage. Hmph.

Melissa Brannan said...

My sister left a bag of grounds and some amazing creamer after coming to meet Michaela. We dusted off the wedding gift coffee maker machine and brewed it up a few days while she was here. Well..... new baby + toddler + coffeee in the house (WITH amazing creamer masking all coffee flavor)= a habit began at age 28!!! I am a 5 week addict and now drink more than one cup every AM!! As an ametur, I don't know what coffee to recommend, BUT I insist that you buy the liquid coffeemate french vanilla or some simliar flavor creamer. It is AMAZING!

Jax said...

LOL!!! This made me laugh out freaking loud b/c I'm with your former mentality on coffee drinking.. I dont do it unless its the occasional frozen one or something that's so sweet, it's hardly coffee. I wish I could offer advice on the right types, brands, etc, but all I can say is youve peaked my curiosity and now I feel like I might give in to trying at least something b/c well...why not. Hmph! :) XOXO!

Andrea said...

I love this post! So, now that you're on the wagon you need one of these: www.keurig.com Single cup coffee maker and it's SOOO YUMMY. If I had a billion dollars I would get every single coffee drinker friends one.

Elizabeth Spann said...

I would like to personally offer my expertise as a former employee of River City Coffee, Tea, and Candy and educate you of the coffees of the world. Flavored and not. A weekend outing, perhaps? ;)

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