well lookey there, the grinch mananged a tree


Thar she is.

Christmas Tree 2009.

Straight from the Home Depot. (We literally bought this thing in, ohhh, 15 minutes. EFFICIENT.)

This is my take on tree decorating (when I do it. I think this is the first tree we've had in a while? I can't remember...I know we did not have one last year.):

1. real. 2. lots of lights. 3. old school, non-matchy match ornaments like this:
4. ridiculous tree topper such as this elf humping sitting at the tip top.
also, i did buy a few of these star garlands, but used them on the curtains. i'm thinking of keeping them up year round cause i kind of love them.

So, it's up! Does that mean we are done with Christmas now?!?!

As for the presents under it, well, we haven't bought any yet. Sigh. I AM THE WORLDS WORST PRESENT BUYER. Seriously. Some people are NOT talented gift-givers and I admit to being one of them. I'm also not that great at receiving gifts either. I'm also REAL REAL bad at wrapping gifts. Sigh. SEE?!? THIS IS WHY I AM BAD AT CHRISTMAS. (Having visions of Karl and I shoddily wrapping gifts on Christmas Day LIKE EVERY YEAR.) If we could skip the whole present aspect, I think I might just love Christmas.

Also, thank you for all your coffee recommendations and thoughts. I will be trying ALL of the suggestions. ::off to brew some RIGHT NOW!::


Elizabeth Spann said...

I am so proud!!! Good job, my friend. It looks awesome. ;)
Love the elf.

Ashley said...

hahaha, the part about wrapping presents on Christmas DAY is funny!! I love that. I didn't know that you were a scrooge at Christmas!! How sad :(

melissa said...

i read ebeth's comment as "love, the elf" rather than its inteded "love the elf," like she was signing off as the elf. and now i'm imagining her humping your christmas tree. thank yooooou monday. :)

dude, i feel the same about christmas. please make way for a holiday that involves sunshine and beers.

love, the bicycle

Jennifer said...

ugh I cannot get in the Christmas spirit at all this year. I usually love it. This year I have no gift inspirations and do not feel like decorating at all. Wrapping presents is probably my favorite part. But that requires thinking of, finding, and buying presents first..

Elizabeth Spann said...

Melissa, that just made me laugh out loud.

Jax said...

haha! Pretty tree, my friend.. and the humping elf made me giggle! :) and um.. I'm horrid at giving and receiving gifts, too...painfully bad actually...

melissa said...

I second your proposal to do away with gift giving at Christmas! I would not say that I am a grinch...but the stress of X-mas shopping takes away from the Christmas spirit.

emotional diva said...

kat, i just have to say that i love your coffee post (i recently did the same thing, wrote a blog and never published. i may do this now. LOL) and your tree. grinchy grinch grinch you are!

but i also have to point out that if you don't add my new page to your side links i *may* cry.




Susan said...

I shop year-round. I find a good deal, I buy it and add to my "present stash." When I need a gift be it baby, wedding, b-day, Christmas, I consult said stash to see if I have something fitting. Some might argue this is not "personal" or "thoughtful", but it is thrifty and convenient.

I agree wholeheartedly on the tree qulaifications. Homemade kid ornaments make front and center!

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