book clubs and baby showers

We've been busy.

But not.

That's kind of how I feel about the month of January thus far. We have lots going on this month, but aren't traveling so it feels quiet. Is that strange? I don't know. I kind of like it. Ish.


This week I had both book club and a baby shower.


Our book club read "Precious (Based on the novel Push) by Sapphire. Heartbreaking. Disgusting. Intense. Awesome. I loved it, and we had a great discussion about it. I also used book club as an excuse to consume several beers. I stayed up till Midnight. ON A TUESDAY.


This resulted in a bit of a head ache and a burning desire for both Sonic tater tots and Coca Cola Classic for breakfast. And a nap. (Alas, I was up with Nate bright and early and got neither of these things.)


Our little group also held a baby shower (tonight!) for one of our own who is due with boy/girl TWINS! within the next couple of months! Excited. It was an offbeat baby shower planned by this girl...idea borrowed from this offbeat mama post (aptly titled ONSIE DECORATING THAT DOESN'T SUCK.)

Here is one I made:

Melissa, a twin herself, with the WOMBMATES:

Audra's Octo:

A GEEE-taur:
I don't want to inundate you with thousands of FREAKING ADORABLE onsie photos for the twins but there were many, many more. Like this many:

Every one just as cute as the last.


That's RIGHT.


Aubrey said...

ADORABLE onesies. I want to make one. (For Kate. Not a huge Aubrey-sized onesie. Just in case you were thinking that.)

You are an uber hip momma! And funny and creative too! :)

brooke knight said...

the onesies are sooo cute.

Meagan Francis said...

Oh my gosh--those are adorable!

Ashley said...

OMGEEEEE, I can't see the pictures on here, becuase I'm at work and TECHnically, Blogger is blocked from work now (boo.), but I DID see your hippo on Twitter and I WAAAANT one!! SO CUTE!!

Elizabeth Spann said...

I had such a good time!! Thanks for participating. We have such creative friends.

Sarah said...

Push is heavy and beautiful - all the rage at my school.

sdhorton said...

love the onesies. what a cute idea.

Kate said...

okay, I L-O-V-E love the hippo! Hippos have always been my fave. Nice work.