ouuuuuuussssssssssiiiiiii peeeese: familyisms

We took every opportunity we had this past week to play out of doors. I think Nate would stay outside day and night if we let him. Also, after my complaining about the pictorial documentation, I think I finally got some decent shots. So much easier for Nate to look at the camera sans flash. Photographer I am not.

Here is a Sunday snippet Naterism for you:

Nate has been stringing together two words. I know that might not sound that exciting but IT IS. It is BIG. It might be my favorite thing right now. He will say these, uh, phrases: 1. My daddy. 2. Big Ball 3. Ni Ni Milk 4. Nate's truck. 5. Mimi's knife. He continues to be real big on identifying certain people to go with certain objects. (Mimi often wields a knife.) He also says 'i do it' and 'i get it' a lot. (I'm all for him doing it!)

Here is a Sunday snippet Karlism for you:

Karl has been busy at work overhauling capsearch.com. He has been stringing together NO WORDS b/c he stares at a computer screen all day and all night. He has, however, been obsessively listening and purchasing country music albums (do you still call them albums?) to listen to while he works. He doesn't even pretend to like other music genres anymore. Yesterday he was listening to a song that began "It's all about sex, love, and Texas" which DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE.

Here is a Sunday snippet Katism for you:

Kat, er, I (I don't speak in 3rd person. Sorry.) have been stringing together lots of words. Lots and lots and lots of words. In my spare non-speaking time, I attempted (by my lonesome) to put air in my (deflating, leaking) tire for the first time ever. I have an irrational fear of my car exploding when the tires are being aired so I was super proud of myself for making the decision to fill it myself. With Nate in the car. It was HUGE. I was all "I don't need no man" about it until I got to the gas station and there was an enormous truck completely blocking the air compressor pump thingey. I immediately called Karl all "awwww man I can't do it today!" and, he, being the wonderful husband that he is and knowing me well DID NOT suggest I simply go to another gas station and told me to head on home.

And, just like that, January is rushing to a close!


Angela said...

The pictures are fantastic!! I am in love with his hair.

Aubrey said...

That is one cute little man. Stringing words together is SO cool! Way to go, Nate!

Like your son, I am dying to go OUUUSSSIII! We have had snow on the ground since before Christmas, so we don't get out to play much. It's bound to warm up some time, right?

Sarah said...

i recently filled up my own tires for the first time too and OH MY GOSH I TOTALLY GET HOW HUGE THAT WAS FOR YOU.

love the pics!

sdhorton said...

Nash loves going "ouusii" too. I have let him several times run around in the back yard even when it was a little cold. Nash has been putting words together too.It is a lot of fun. He saw himself and his dad in the mirror and said Nash, My Dada. So cute.

sdhorton said...

oh and yesterday when he was crying for Nate he said "My Nate". Adoreable right. Chris said "so he's your Nate?" Nash said "uh yes".

Stacia said...

Can I have him? cute cute cute!!!

The Smiths said...

He's getting cuter by the picture! I don't put air in my tires either. One time I deflated the whole tire tring to check the air pressure.

Jax said...

I have that fear about tires too! HILARIOUS! I actually hold my body WAY back from my arm as I air it up an shield my face. Hilarious...esp b/c my last car had to be aired up all the time. haha.. Whatever. And the "mimi knife" thing had me rolling. hahahahahaha!

Lauryl Lane said...

LOL. Sounds like he's at my favorite little kid stage. I love it when they start talking, like, for realz. Sooo fun!