drowning in my excel spreadsheet

I'm finishing up my freelance project (procrastination rules) and have been up until 2 a.m. every night this week.

It feels a bit like college.

Only there is a baby that wakes me with his MOMMYDADDYDADDYMOMMY alarm clock voice at 6 a.m.

Wah Wah. Feel sorry for me!

(Ignore the fact that I did it to myself and BRING ME COFFEE!)

Oh why did I wait so long to work on it? WHY? Sometimes I shake my head at myself.

More blogging to come!

AND AND we might get some snow and ice tonight in Little Rock. (Does that mean my project gets a snow day?) I, like always, firmly believe that the weather won't make it down this far south and teeter tooter on the see saw of wanting it and not.

Ok back to work!


melissa said...

NO ADDERALL. good luck pigeon.

snowsnowsnow!!! xo

Richmond Rookie said...

Your project should definitely get a snow day.