the men in my life

Karl, Nate, and Arlo.

It snowed and iced here in Little Rock on Friday and we all about killed each other being cooped up. We did venture out Saturday night to a concert that included songs like "Jesus & Rugers: They're Both Straight Shooters." The good news is only one drunk person fell into me while we were down on the floor. It was a good show - the band was Jason Boland and the Stragglers who are, in fact, from the great town of Stillwater, Oklahoma, but are viewed as "texas country" or "red dirt" country. I don't understand that labeling, but I admit openly to digging some of the red dirt music.

(I also openly admit my love for Taylor Swift, She & Him, Kanye, & Steeeeeeve Perry. What? I suffer from uh, Varying Tastes in The Musics.)

I am wrapping up my project today and will soon have a long and winded blog post JUST FOR YOU!


Sarah said...

i love She and Him - one of my favs.

melissa said...

why is k covering n's ears? were you guys watching an r-rated ep of sesame street or something? :)

Natalie and Matt Dill said...

I am initiating Matt into the red-dirt scene, having gone to school in Stillwater makes me think its partially in my blood!

sdhorton said...

cute picture. love that arlo lets nate lay on him.

Jax said...

Cute cute cute! Staying inside is never fun.. but at least we all had power. Seriously. I'm not being optimistic here, I'm just thanking GAWD.

Chatty Fattie said...

Your taste in music is as cool as you. No Steve Perry psych outs!

Susan said...

I like Jason Boland and red dirt and country music and beer and Rugers (both the dog and gun) and yeah....Miss you!
P.S. How did I not hear he was in town? Oh yea, if it isn't advertised on Cartoon Network or PBS, then I don't know anything about it.

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