The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Music (AAAAAAWWWWAAHHHHAHWHWHWA-AAA)

Sometimes, when I have a moment of BRILLIANCE (read: i think to myself 'i should blog that!'), I pop (BANG) open my blogger account and start a post. Then I just leave it there, unpublished and unedited. Then, I lose my mind and completely forget what I was going to write about..... Um, I mean, when I find myself not feeling the bloggy blog blog inspiration, I try and look back to see if I can make some sense of my ramblings.

on 12.27 I wrote this:


which makes me giggle just by itself.

I don't really know where I was going with the post. I know that the Sound of Music was on TV that night and that Karl had never seen it before and he was SUPER IMPRESSED with my recitability (new word? new word!) skills. (There's a sad kind of clanging from the clock on the wall.)

And that I began reminiscing about my Sound of Music obsession. At my 4th grade talent show, my friend Jessica and I performed a roller skate routine to SO LONG FAREWELL! (yep, in front of the whole school) whilst all the cool kids performed a hippity hoppity Paula Abdul dance. (Straight Up YA'LL.)

And then... uh.... no and thens? I have no idea what the POINT was going to be. Be yourself? Learn to Rollerskate? Just say NO to dancing? DARE to keep a kid off drugs?

There, apparently, was no point. But I like the image of myself as a wee one, hair flying behind me as we criss-crossed the stage on our Popple roller skates (gracefully I'm sure. As most everyone who knows me can attest, I. am. GRACEFUL.). AHHH. I can still smell my gym teacher's cigarette smoke from 'her office' in the wings of the stage. I decided to share b/c it got me all HOPPED up - what will Nate DANJAHANDZ Hills will want to perform at his first talent show? I can't wait to see it. And VIDEO TAPE IT.


Aubrey said...

I too start (and never finish) blog posts! So many times I have read my "notes" and wondered where in the heck I was going with that...

The Sound of Music is amazing. As are Popple roller skates. Much MUCH cooler than Paula Abdul. :)

melissa said...

the sound of music remains one of my top five favorite movies of all time. i don't care if it takes six years to watch it all in one sitting. it's BRILLIANT. and, when i'm feeling down, i sometimes sing "i have confidence" quietly to myself. or out loud. whatever. it gets the job done.

p.s. email me a copy of the vid with nater's first talent show. i'm betting he raps. ;)

Amanda J said...

OOhh how I love the sound of music! I skated to various songs from the sound of music in my kiddie days...complete with a suspendered (sp?) skating dress with white eyelet ruffle...oh yes, I was cool! I'll have to attempt to find pics and post them...one of these days when I'm feeling brave!

brooke knight said...

i don't even get as far as opening blogger when i have those "aha-blog!" moments.

i don't know how i didn't know about this sound of music thing. or if i forgot. or what. because i totally loved that movie and watched it on tv once a year.

thank you SO much for the link to littlernate. he was sooo leetle and baby-looking!

Jennifer said...

I am sixteen going on seventeen.

Oh god that movie is totally awesome.

I love pictures of baby Nate. It crazy to think he was that little not so long ago.

jennifer said...

Does Karl not remember when we re-eanacted the gazeebo scene, in full, on the old couches that we formed into a circle?!? (yes, this was just last x-mas. whatever)

melissa said...

I'm not sure "cool" is really the appropriate adjective here :)to describe the Paula Abdul tribute. However, I do know that Mary Grace has this on video. All of this.

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