Place Bowl on Head. Cut.

Thanks for your questions. Apparently half the world is also testing out the formspring site right now (narcissists unite?) because their site was up and then down and then up and then down. Additionally, like two days after I answered a question, I would receive an email saying "Formspring has a question for you!" and the email would repeat the already answered question. Bad form, FORMspring. I hate plugging a site that doesn't operate correctly - even when I am just doing it for funsies. It was entertaining though and I am going to leave the widget up for the time being - feel free to use it whenever.

As promised, here is a picture of Nate with his bowl cut.
I pretty much hate it! (and his , ahem, chest hair peeking out - he likes to unzip his pj's like that...usually further down though. I don't believe he is going to be a Never Nude!)

I have quite a bit to blog about - nothing terribly earth-shattering, but there are words I want to, no, need to, purge!

Stay tuned?


Aubrey said...

Love that Naters is unzipping the jammies. Adore the bowl cut. Could he BE a little cuter?!

sdhorton said...

For some reason he looks younger in that pic. Is it just me?

Lauryl Lane said...

LOL. Um, our next-door neighbor kids growing up always had bowl cuts. We'd watch thru the window as their mom would cut their hair on the driveway. We made soooo much fun of them. I will try not to laugh at Nate. ;-)

Stacia said...

so so adorable!!!